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Welcome to BakeSoc!


We are a society all about baking, sharing great recipes and eating delicious food! 


Everyone is welcome to join: whether your an experienced baker who want’s to show off their skills, a newbie who want’s to pick up some tips or just someone who’s very hungry and wants to eat as much delicious food as possible.
With everything from cakes to breads, sweet or savoury, our society has it all and we want you to dust off your old cake tins and get baking with us.



We will be holding events throughout the year including:

- Bake-offs (with prizes)
- Regular meet ups where people bring in baked goods and share recipes (these will be based around a different theme each meeting)
- Charity bake sales
- "Bakespert forum", a chance for people to ask questions to a panel of our best bakers for advice.
- Cupcake and cookie exchanges - bring in your favourites and exchange with others along with the recipes 
- Holiday bake days for Halloween, Christmas, etc
- Many more events to be announced...

For further details join our Facebook page - SGUL Baksoc.





It's free to join our mailing list and Facebook page to keep up to date with all the exciting baking news.


Membership for the year costs £1 and inlcudes cheaper access to all events throughout the year including entry to the Bake-offs.





Bake-themed meetups throughout the year


These will be roughly every month and will be based around a theme each meetup (e.g. chocolate, etc) and require members to bring in a baked creation along with the recipe to share with others.   Entry is free for members who bring a baked item in (not just a single baked breadstick!) and is paid for members who do not (price TBC nearer time of event).   It's an opportunity to taste delicious food, share recipes and share ideas so come along for the fun!





Dietary requirements and allergies


We take all allergies and dietary requirements seriously so we aim to make sure all food served includes ingredients used.

If you do have any allergies or dietary requirements you wish us to be aware of please do not hesitate to contact us, and also let the person your trying the food from know too.


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