Omar Hijazi



Hi, my name is Muhammad Omar Hijazi and I am your Students’ Union President for 2019/20

As president my main role is to oversee the running and operation of our Union. I also manage the events zone which includes the  charities, democracy, events and technical officers.

This is my second year as president, and I have set ambitious targets for the year which include not just developing our Union but making our Union relevant to all of the students it represents. I also plan to continue the good work from last year to maintain a positive and productive relationship with the University who have been very helpful and supportive of the Union.

I am normally in the SU office from 9am - 5pm, however I do like to visit areas within the university to meet students and see how they are doing. If you see me, please come up and say hi and let me know if you have any concerns or even any positive feedback!


Muhammad Omar Hijazi | 020 8725 2709 |
Zone: Events | Favourite Event: Back 2 Skool