Year Reps


SGSU Senate is the platform for all year reps to meet with the 4 senior officers of the SU to discuss academic issues, as well as giving year reps a chance to find out what the SU is doing so that this can be fed back to their respective cohorts.


Biomedical Science

Year 1

Ianna Alberto and Tessy Hayford

Year 2

Jon Warren and Oakley Hill-Smith

Year 3

Maxim Minakov


Clinical Pharmacology

Year 1

Virada Ravindran and Rania Omar

Diagnostic Radiography

Year 1

Raniya Hersi


Healthcare Science

Year 1

Year 2

Danyal Mehrban

Year 3

Melody Aheto and Fatima Arif



MBBS 4 Year 1

David Hutchison and Fiona Donnan

MBBS 5 Year 1

Junha Kang and Ian Soh

MBBS 5 Year 2

Rishi Kumar

MBBS 5 T Year

Imogen Burwood, Naomi Ehigie, Benjamin Gardener, Reeja Premjee

MBBS 5 P Year

Grace Poole, Kira Georgas and Lorna Chapman

MBBS 5F Year

Edward Underwood, Keshini Gooneratne, Francesca Harris and Chloe Wilson


Kiran Amin and Sierra Schaffer


Simran Sidhu and Arif Manji


Occupational Therapy

Year 1

Wendy Stilwell and Tauhida Zaman

Year 2

Maya Caan and Stacey Offei

Year 3

Cheyenne Ferry



Year 1

Andrew Savvas and Josh Shelley

Year 2

Benjamin Vickars

Year 3

Eoin Jardine and Tia Wood


Physiotherapy BSc

Year 1

Hannah Abu

Year 2

Lorna Moulton and Jack Cooper


Physiotherapy MSc

Year 1

Tegan Fletcher and Emily Prior-Willeard

Year 2

Kiran Dhingra-Smith and Conor O'Hara-Barrett

Radiography - Therapeutic

Year 1

Insia Khan, Kyle Waterman and Ishaa Sivanendran