Year Reps


What is a year representative?

Year representatives are elected annually by the student body. Every year of every course at St George's has at least two year rep positions.

What impact do they have? 

Year reps are there to help you with any issues that your year group faces. Year reps can then collect your feedback and bring it to the people who can make changes happen; your year rep can then use the collective voice of your year to steer change. They also communicate important news to and from your year group, and will feedback updates from the University or Union that relate to your year group.

On top of this, year reps do a whole host more things - organising George's families, planning balls and events for your year, liaising with the University, helping organise revision sessions, ensuring lecture recordings and notes are provided by the University, the list goes on!

Year reps are the best way to raise issues with your course to the Union. Your year rep can bring any issues raised with them to Senate meetings, the monthly meeting of year representatives, where all the year reps can discuss issues, work together to find solutions, and share feedback with the wider student body.

Who are the elected year representatives?

You can check here to see who your elected year representative is - if they are not listed, or you can't reach them, please email Erin Mcnamara, President of Welfare, or Eshan Sabesan: President of Education: and they'll help put you in touch.

Training for new and returning year representatives 2023-24

For new and returning year representatives, you are required to watch an online training session (55 minutes) and to complete a multiple choice quiz (13 questions).

The online training session can be accessed here: Year Rep Training 2022-23 Recording (55 minutes) - Microsoft SharePoint

The multiple choice quiz can be accessed here: Year Rep Training 2022-23 Quiz (10 questions) - Microsoft Forms

Once completed, please email Erin Mcnamara, President of Welfare to confirm the completion of your training as a year rep. 

Further Links

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