Year Reps


SGSU Senate is the platform for all year reps to meet with the 4 senior officers of the SU to discuss academic issues, as well as giving year reps a chance to find out what the SU is doing so that this can be fed back to their respective cohorts.


Biomedical Science

Year 2

Steven Guan and Mohamed Omar,


Year 3

Amani Abdi Mahmoud and Ify Osefoh



Diagnostic Radiography

Year 2

Klea Krasniqi and Daria Jackiewicz,



MBBS 5 Year 2

Ian Soh and Anna Curtis

MBBS 5 T Year

Elena Bunola-Hadfield, Becci Blaxhall,

MBBS 5 P Year

Lola Arowoshola

MBBS 5F Year

Phoebe Hine, Jack Barton, Aneya Scott, Daniel Richardson,,,



Sierra Schaffer and Kiran Amin,


Occupational Therapy

Year 2

Tosin Adejuwon and Rozita Oskooei,


Paramedic Science


Year 3

Benjamin Vickars


Physiotherapy BSc

Year 3

Lorna Moulton and Jack Cooper,
Radiography - Therapeutic

Year 2

Insia Khan,