Ogor Babundo

General Secretary

Hi, my name is Ogor, and I’m your General Secretary for 2020/2021
"A new voice. A new perspective"

My role allows me to organise room bookings, key meetings and answer any questions that you may have regarding the Students' Union. I'm now a third-year biomedical science student and I'm keen to make a difference in the SU

My aims :

  • Provide support to the current executive team and improve student and SU relationships as well as SU and University relationships
  • Effectively manage room bookings, help you start new societies and support you through the process, work closely with societies and provide solutions to any challenges that you may have
  • Pioneer the student voice and empower minorities to be heard
  • Help organise events to improve student engagement and support the welfare team
  • Advocate for positive change to make uni life more friendly and fun!

YOU have a voice that must be HEARD
With your help, we can make positive change. We are stronger together and not apart. Let's make things happen! "

Ogor Babunde| 020 8266 6840 | secretary@su.sgul.ac.uk

Zone: Communications