Ethan Osborn

Acting VP Student Activities & Experience

Hi, I'm Ethan, Acting VP Student Activities & Experience for 2020/21

Following on from being VP Finance in 2019/20, I'm staying on with the SU to help cover the vacant role of VP and transition it to a new focus, putting more emphasis on student activities and the student experience within the Union. 

You can contact me via email for help with any of the following:

  • Starting, running or joining a club or society

  • Running an event or expanding your society

  • Access to the Music Room, Rob Lowe Sports Centre or the minibuses

  • Club or society finances - invoices, claims, donations and floats

  • General advice on student activities

Ethan Osborn | 020 8725 5078 |

Zone: Participation | Favourite Event: Hallowe'en