St George's Award


Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Show your additional skills beyond your degree? Demonstrate that you are career ready?
Where will your skills take you?

Whatever you do after you finish your degree, our goal is to help you build long-term transferable skills that will benefit you throughout your whole career. Take part in the St George’s Skills and Recognition Award and prepare a record of reflections to support your continuing professional development before you graduate.

During your time at St George’s, you will be taking part in lots of extra-curricular activities. That might be on campus, in your own community or perhaps you have a part-time job. Whatever you are involved in, we will reward you, but only if you can tell us how you have developed your skills in the process.

With 11 skills badges available to collect, you can collect each one in 4 easy steps.
1.    Fill in a STAR reflection form (Situation, Task, Action and Result) to reflect on how you have built.
2.    Upload evidence of what skill you have developed into your online personal portfolio up the skill through an extra-curricular activity.
3.    Build a showcase to include your evidence and STAR reflection form.
4.    Complete the skill task and upload your showcase to receive the badge.

Once you have collected 7, you will be able to apply for the George’s Skills and Recognition badge. Once you have collected all 11 you will automatically be awarded the Skills master badge.

Why you should take part
•    It’s quick and easy to complete.
•    It will get you thinking critically about what you are already doing and how that could benefit your career.
•    You will create a digital portfolio of your work and achievements that you can take with you after you graduate.
•    You only need to collect 7 out of 11 badges to complete the award.
•    Be an overachiever and collect all 11 badges to receive the Skill Master badge.

Start getting rewarded and collect your badges now: George's Skills and Recognition Award