Tooting Show

Tooting Show

Welcome to The Tooting Show

Originally founded by the ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society), The Tooting Show is the largest culture show at St George's. Our aim is to embrace the multi-diverse facet of London’s different cultures and lifestyles. It is a great opportunity for you to try something new or to showcase your talents through acting, music or dance of different styles.No experience is needed, we are just looking for fun, enthusiastic and committed individuals who will put in maximum effort.

If you have any other hidden talents such as spoken word or poetry, or you would like to assist in any other ways such as backstage crew, set design or tech, please get in touch.


Achievements in 2018/2019

Last year we raised over £2,000 for Basic Needs, a Mental Health focused NGO operating across 14 countries (including Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and South Sudan). They help people gain or regain the ability to work so that they can earn for their families. With our help, they were able to provide medication and psychosocial support in partnership with local governments.


Come and join us!

We are a friendly group of students and we'd love you to be involved, so check our social media pages to find out how you can join us to make this year's Tooting Show the best ever!


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