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Welcome to ABSoc

The AhlulBayt Society (ABSoc) is an Islamic student-led organisation which aims to create a strong student network to encourage personal, educational and spiritual development. Our activities and events are open to people from all backgrounds and stem from the morals and principles of the Prophet Muhammed and his progeny (Peace Be Upon Them). We pride ourselves in providing a platform which bridges the gap between students and community members by supporting a range of charity initiatives which allow us to give back to our community.

Weekly Dua Kumayl/Tawassul accompanied with reflection circles enable discussions on topics of religion, philosophy and current affairs. This creates a safe space to voice our opinions and, indeed, learn from each other at every opportunity.

We organise a range of events on campus including interactive seminars with expert speakers, revision workshops and weekly anatomy sessions. We also collaborate with other Students' Union societies to organise charity fundraisers, raising thousands of pounds for worthwhile causes.

We value every member of our ABSoc which has allowed us to form a special bond not just within our own society but also with ABSocs across the country. The friendly and inclusive environment is what we merit ourselves of here at St George’s with ABSoc being a key part of this.

Salaams/peace to all.


Achievements and Events 2019/2020



Imam Hussein Blood Donation

Similar to previous years, we had a large number of SGUL students and staff sign up to donate blood. Over the past year, our university has signed up close to 40 participants through our Imam Hussain Blood Donation campaign.

Roses for Peace

ABSoc members distributed roses tagged with quotations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Central London. This was a success and all the roses were gone within an hour!



Inter-ABSoc - Ethics in Action + Why are there so many problems in my life?

In collaboration with Surrey University ABSoc, our first seminar was delivered by external speaker and scholar Sheikh Ahmed Haneef discussing ethical scenarios. Our second event was in collaboration with University of Surrey, Royal Holloway and Kingston ABSocs and was delivered by external speaker and scholar Sheikh Mohammad Al-Hilli discussing tribulations of life and how we must be resilient in order to achieve what we want in life.

Christmas Gifts for Children

In collaboration with SGUL Paediatric Society, we raised money via bake sales to buy gifts for children who were admitted to hospital over Christmas time.


Regular Events

DTDC / DKDC / DK-Reflections

These are weekly sessions held on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively where a member of our society will recite Dua Kumayl or Dua Tuwassal followed by discussions on various topics. This year we introduced a monthly reflective session to recap what we have learnt over the past few weeks.

Quiz Nights

The first quiz night was on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH and his Progeny) followed by quizzes on general trivia and Religion throughout the year.

Revision Lectures

Medicine semester 1& 3 lectures delivered by high achieving students.


Come and join us!

Visit our social media pages to keep up to date with our activities and events.


SU Events

Summer Ball
28th June 5pm - 11:59pm
Wimbledon Rugby Club
Summer Ball
Graduation Ball
20th July 6:15pm - 11:59pm
The Royal College of Physicians
Congratulations Class of 2024!
Graduation Ball