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Board Games 

We play a variety of board games here at GameSoc. The current inventory of society-owned games includes Settlers of Catan (+ 5/6 player expansion Cities and Knights), RiskMancala, Go, Chess, Monopoly.

Outside of our own games, members often bring games such as Dead of WinterAvalonKing of Tokyo, Carcassone, Forbidden Desert and more



Card Games

Magic: the Gathering is currently the most popular TCG in the Society, we've had a few tournaments with prizes surrounding it. There are also plans to introduce poker and Yu-Gi-Oh nights. 

Other card games we play include Star Fluxx, Love Letter, Munchkin, Monopoly Deal, and Uno.



Video Games 

If physical games aren't your thing, the society has a Wii with all the games worth playing (like Super Smash Bros: Brawl), and we bring down the PS3 for CoD / FIFA on request. 

Upcoming Events

Undergraduate Freshers Fayre
Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament
Fifa/CoD Championship
Real Life Pacman
League of Legends Tourney
Magic the Gathering Knockout
Dungeons and Dragons Night(s)
Christmas Meal
Annual Gaming Quiz
Poker Night

The Committee 2014-2015:

Presidents - Matthew Martinucci & Mustafa Dashti
Treasurer - Haibo Li
Secretary - Kevin Li
Social Secretary - Jon Khadine
Events Officers - Martin Sinclair, Sagar Sharma, Laura Parry
Designated Hipster - Akarshan Naraen
Pokémon Master - Steven Gilbert 
Society Planeswalker - Jeevakan Subramaniam
Society Mascot - Hania Akram
Contact us: gamesoc@su.sgul.ac.uk