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Welcome to St George's Gaming Society


We are a newly formed society, aimed at joining students together who have a passion for all types of gaming, whether this is casual, competitive or in-between. We have loads of amazing things planned for this society such as regular gaming nights. So do be sure to regularly check our Instagram, Discord or Whatsapp pages for upcoming announcements! You can also check out St George's Gaming Society NUEL homepage and St George's Gaming Society NSE homepage.

We hold weekly meetups on Discord and monthly committee meetings via Microsoft Teams, with other ongoing communications between committee members and society members.



SU Events

Gamelan, Music and Wellbeing Workshop
25th May 5:30pm - 7pm
H2.5 & H2.6
Open Spaces
London Fun Skate
30th July 2:30pm - 5pm
St Boniface School, Tooting
St George's Hospital Charity
Charity | Sports
London to Brighton Bike Ride
11th September 7am - 7pm
St George's Hospital to Brighton!
Do it for George's