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Welcome to St George's Christian Union


We are a group of Christians from multiple denominations - united around the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission and aim is to build each other up in our faith and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the St Georges community. We meet regularly as a group to worship, pray and offer fellowship and welcome all to join us. We hold talks, Bible study, and social events to encourage each other in our walk with Christ. The Christian Union is a place where we learn, laugh, eat and most importantly, pray together.

Our Vision:

  • To give every student at St George’s the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • To show unconditional love to our university community

  • To grow together in Christ

Our Values:

  • Confident in the Truth: understanding, celebrating and defending the truth of the gospel

  • Urgent in evangelism: creative, engaging and persuasive proclamation of Christ crucified

  •  Passionate about Unity: gathering and uniting all Christians around the essential truths of the gospel

  • Committed to the local church: believing it is the primary and life-long place of Christian ministry and discipleship

  • Motivated by grace: rejoicing in our salvation, serving one another and loving the lost

  • Generous in world mission: endeavouring to give and send so as to reach the students of the world

Events 2020/2021

We host a variety of events open to everyone in the university, where we worship together share our faith and serve one another. The events this year will be a bit different from the usual CU events, but we still want to give you the same amazing freshers experience, despite covid-19!

So we have loads of exciting events planned, including games nights, testimonies and events week. We will even have some videos to help settle you into university life. There will still be tonnes of opportunities to find friends and have a great time.


Come and join us!

We will be having weekly explore and impact groups, Impact Groups are about being 'impacted' by God and 'impacting' each other! They will be a part of our weekly CU meeting on Tuesdays so if you're gonna come along we'd love you to sign up for an impact group! We want these groups to help us form and continue close and supportive friendships as we study, pray and have fun together!

Explore Groups are going to be weekly online discussions, where any student can 'explore' Christianity in a warm and inclusive environment. They will be a great chance to discover community, find answers to life's biggest questions and see what Christianity is all about!

Keep updated by following us on our social media, we are on Instagram and Facebook!

SU Events

Gamelan, Music and Wellbeing Workshop
25th May 5:30pm - 7pm
H2.5 & H2.6
Open Spaces
London Fun Skate
30th July 2:30pm - 5pm
St Boniface School, Tooting
St George's Hospital Charity
Charity | Sports
London to Brighton Bike Ride
11th September 7am - 7pm
St George's Hospital to Brighton!
Do it for George's