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Welcome to St George’s Athena SWAN Student Network


The Athena SWAN (Scientific Women’s Academic Network) chapter at St George’s University of London is a student society that fundamentally promotes racial diversity and the equality of all genders within STEMM career advancement by hosting wonderful seminars, workshops, networking events and intriguing conversations that highlight the experiences and advice of outstanding and inspirational people within these industries, so that our audiences of aspiring healthcare science professionals can be motivated to create and perpetuate spaces wherein these intersectional values are the cornerstone of their practice.

Our committee is comprised of a dedicated and enthusiastic team of students who are more than happy to answer any further questions you might have on what we do, and how you can become a member of our ever-growing society! Be sure to stay updated about how you can be a part of all of our amazing events by following our Instagram @athenaswansgul or liking our Facebook page "St. George's Athena SWAN."


Achievements and Events 2018/2019

  • STEM Conference     This hugely successful conference was supported by some of the UK’s leading speakers in the fields of global health, medical technology, expedition medicine and research. Attendees also had an opportunity to take part in a poster competition which gave them the chance to win prizes and boost their CVs.

  • Diversity in the NHS   An inspiring event in which speakers from varied backgrounds talked about their experiences overcoming significant challenges and beating the odds to achieve their career aims.

  • Women in Medicine and Surgery This event enabled students to obtain personalised tips and advice from doctors from a wide range of specialties. It was a a great opportunity for networking with medical professionals and other students.

  • During the year we collaborated with other Students' Union societies such as the SGUL Pharmacological and Paediatric societies.


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