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Welcome to St George's History Society


What is History Society? Was Rome built in a day? What did Cleopatra think of the Pyramids of Giza? How rich was Mansa Musa? How did the world react to Columbus discovering the Americas? Why was the Great Wall of China built? How big was the Harrapan Civilisation? Where did civilisation start? And how did the humble potato change the world?

These are just a few of the questions that are asked by those who delve into the seemingly endless labyrinths of human history. Some have seemingly obvious answers, others can be estimated, and many are all but impossible to answer… which is why they are so fun to consider. Everything that we know (or are yet to discover) is available to us because of what came before, and there is still so much of history that remains unknown.

History Society aims to provide a place for students with an interest in history, where they are free to be able to take time to explore the stories of the past. It doesn’t matter if you have never considered history before, or if you have an extensive education in the subject; all that we aim to offer is a place for discussion and exploration. In our group forums, students are able to share sources and reflections on different moments of history as well as suggest different areas that could be researched. We are open to explore any parts of history, so never be afraid to ask!

Given the pandemic, we have set up most of our activities online for the foreseeable future. Although we regret not being able to meet our members face-to-face, we have become well accustomed to using online platforms for meetings and games. We will also find ways of streaming historical content, so we can all have fun together!! 

Email us to find out more about the events that we have planned for this year. We look forward to welcoming you!



  • Society Event/Trip£2.00

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