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Welcome to Believers' LoveWorld


Believers’ LoveWorld, St George’s University - Building a Happier World With Love

Believers’ LoveWorld (BLW) Campus Ministry, is the youth arm of Believers’ LoveWorld, a unique and dynamic global ministry. Our aim is to inspire, raise and build a generation of young people who will come into their inheritance and fulfil God's plan for their lives. Our vision is to take God's divine presence to the people and nations of the world.

At BLW St George’s we are a family, a Christian society deeply rooted in love and the word of God. We are a vibrant fellowship and have a main aim to help people discover their true value and give them theme platforms to express their gifts, talents and abilities. We have hosted events on campus with various themes such as Valentine’s Day, Mental Health Week, Christmas and more! 

So, if you believe in Jesus Christ, then you’re in the right place. If you are in search of God or in need of him, you belong here. And if you’re not sure of who God is, then, WELCOME, get to know more and the answers to your questions at our weekly meetings!”



Grace Cell:  Every Tuesday at 6pm online 

Contact: Ronna-Kay:

Midweek services: Every Wednesday at 7pm via YouTube - BLW UK Zone B 

Love Cell: Every Thursday at 6pm online 

Contact: Ogor:


For more information about our meetings and events follow our social media pages or email us, we look forward to meeting you!

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