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SGUL Pharmacological Society

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Welcome to the SGUL Pharmacological Society

Our society focuses primarily on pharmacology in medicine and the careers it can lead to. An understanding of pharmacology is essential in many of the degrees that are offered here at St George’s. Our aim is to bring students and professionals together, provide educational opportunities to students and allow professionals to provide an insight into a career in pharmacology academia and clinical pharmacology.

Throughout the year we organise a wide range of events:

  •     Prescribing lecture series

  •     Sessions to teach students about the problems with pharmaceutical companies and to help bridge the gap

  •     Student-led revision series on pharmacology

  •     Revision resources/packs for students

  •     Career advice for those interested in pharmacology (clinical or academic)

  •     Provide an insight into pharmacology

  •     Support students in attending and presenting at pharmacological conferences

   Fun Activities

  •    Drug of the month

  •    Cheese and wine nights

  •    Funky talks from lecturers from BPS

  •    Charity quiz


Achievements 2018/2019

2018/2019 was the first time St George's had it’s own PharmSoc! Despite being in it’s first year of running, PharmSoc held many successful events and received lots of support from both the students and the staff at our university! St George's has one of the best clinical pharmacology groups in all of the UK. Led by Professor Emma Baker, the St George's clinical pharmacology team dominated the BPS annual conference this year. We had many successes and did our university proud. St George's students and staff won four prizes, chaired three symposia and gave five podium and nine poster presentations!

We are looking forward to having another successful year and would love to welcome you to join our society.


SU Events

Movement Workshop
7th December 4:30pm - 6pm
Open Spaces
Translational and Clinical Research Institute
8th December 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Mindfulness Workshop
9th December 5pm - 10th December 6:30pm
Microsoft Teams
Open Spaces
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