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Welcome to Art Soc


SGUL Art Society is, first and foremost, a society for anyone with an interest in art!

Whether you simply enjoy doodling or are a veteran on the art scene, we welcome students of all artistic levels and experiences.

We meet weekly, alternating between an "event" session where the society organises opportunities to explore a certain art style or medium, and a "casual drop-in" session, where students are free to work on their own projects or continue with previous events activities in a relaxed environment. 

From successful collaborations with other societies such as the Film, Anime and Television Society and the Forensic and Pathology Society, to sessions focused on artists such as Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh, we hope that there’ll be something to inspire everyone!

Outside of the university we enjoy gallery/museum trips and organising socials, such as our Winter Social dinner and spontaneous group lunches. We place a large emphasis on inviting anyone to join our friendly community, and hope to see you soon!


Achievements and Events 2018/2019

As a society we feel that this year has been filled with achievements and growth, from running a Secret SantArt exchange during Christmas to the successful trial of our Bedside Art Scheme - a collaboration with the St George’s Hospital Charity, which gave students the opportunity to create artwork with patients in hospital wards. We've also managed to cover a variety of topics and materials during our event sessions, including painting, digital art, light photography and clay! 


Come and join us!

During term time we meet on Monday evenings between 5pm and 7pm.

SU Events

Career Challenges
27th June 5pm - 6pm
Careers Summer Speaker Series
Summer Ball
28th June 5pm - 11:59pm
Wimbledon Rugby Club
Summer Ball
Graduation Ball
20th July 6:15pm - 11:59pm
The Royal College of Physicians
Congratulations Class of 2024!
Graduation Ball