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SGSU Referendum - Junior Doctor

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St George's Supporting People's Vote

In support of People's Vote campaign

A referendum to change the political stance of SGSU regarding the People's Vote campaign.

For a referendum to be passed, 150 Ordinary Members must vote and there must be a simple majority. Should 150 members vote and there be a simple majority then the majority stance shall be the stance of SGSU.

The referendum opens today (20/03/19) at 00:00 and will close on the Thursday (21/03/19) at 23:59. The referendum result is collected online and the result of which will be announced on Thursday (21/03/19) by midday.


EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting

The meeting was held at 5.30pm on Monday 18th January 2016.

It was at this meeting when the decision to hold a referendum was decided.

Minutes from EGM 18/01/16

Appendix A - President's Statement - Steven Gilbert

Appendix B - Vice-President's Statement - Kat Telford


juNIOR doctor Contract meeting

Held at 1pm in Monckton LT, 13/10/15

Minutes from the meeting


LIVE maintenance Grant Debate

Watch the live parliamentary debate on the scrapping of maintenance grants here!!


SGUL Tablet Competition

SGUL are hosting a competition on the most innovative or useful ways to use your tablets. There will be four categories: Best Use in Lectures/ Small Groups/ Practicals/ Revision. To find out more check back here soon!