Cheer and Gym Society

Cheer and Gym Society

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Welcome to SGSU Cheer and Gym Society

Who are we? We are St George’s competitive cheerleading team, Firebirds!

What is cheerleading? Cheerleading is an up and coming sport, recently recognised by the International Olympic Committee, which includes elements from gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance. It is a performance sport, with 2 and a half minute action-packed routines consisting of stunting, tumbling, jumps, and dance.

What experience do I need? Absolutely none! The vast majority of our athletes are completely new to the sport. We compete as a level 1 team, so it is very accessible to newbies!

When do we train?  We currently train on Thursday and Thursday evenings in the Robert Lowe sports centre on campus. We also have extra sessions (including gymnastics and fitness sessions) running on Wednesdays and before training where we can work on building higher level skills and improving our technique! We also have the privilege to train at an external gym on Sundays (with a full sprung floor!) every now and then.

Where do we compete? Firebirds are planning on competing three times this season! Once in the Copper Box in Stratford, once in Birmingham, and once in Nottingham.

Why join? Cheerleading is an exciting and fun way to keep active, and an amazing opportunity to make some life-long pals. Firebirds are known for having lots of fun both in and out of training sessions, with some amazing socials and outings! We would be delighted to welcome you onto our team, where you can help us build a sharp, clean, and sassy routine to show everyone who the Firebirds are (and retain our back to back 2018/2019 national champion titles hehe)! Click here to see details of the subs for the year.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram, and freshers Facebook page for information about upcoming events, as well as our tryouts!



  • Birmingham Fuel£10.00
  • Nottingham Fuel£10.00
  • Bring a boy to Cheer£3.00

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