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St George's Hospital Boat Club

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The biggest and friendliest club at George's.

Hello and welcome to the Boat Club page. We are the biggest and friendliest mixed club at George's with over 80 members covering many courses and years. We have the pleasure of rowing on a beautiful stretch of the Thames from Richmond to Putney. Whether you have rowed/coxed for years or never sat in a boat before it would be great if you could join us during your time here at George's.


If you are a fresher to rowing and don't know your gate from your spoon then don't worry we will teach everyone and anyone to row. In fact 90% of our senior squad are people who had never rowed before coming to George's. Come down to Fresher's day on the River  Wednesday September 27th, 2017! This will be the best opportunity to sit in a boat for the first time and learn the basics. We will continue to coach you throughout the year if you choose to become a member of the novice squad. The novice squad also has the opportunity to race throughout the year against freshers from other university's. The most important characteristic of our novice squad is having fun.



If you have rowed before either at school, club or university then the senior squad will be the place for you. We run 2 men's and 2 women's crews throughout the year who enter HORR/WeHORR, BUCS, Kingston, Marlow and Henley along with all of the United Hospital (UH) races and local regattas. We are currently the Head crew in both men and women for UH bumps also winning numerous UH sprint regattas. The women had success at WeHorr moving up over 50 places in the classification, whilst the men also had success winning the Allom cup (University of London Regatta) and the IM3+ Pennant at Hammersmith Head this year. Let us know at freshers fayre and we will get you out with the squad as soon as possible.













We are always on the look out for new coxes/coaches to join the boat club. If you have coxed before or are interested to learn then let us know at freshers fayre so we can get you out in a boat and hopefully with your own crew as soon as possible. We also always need coaching help, from the novice squad to the seniors so if you fancy lending a hand let one of the captains know.


The boat club runs many social events throughout the year courtesy of our social secs. We have a circle every Wednesday after training in the bar, which the majority of the senior and novice squads usually attend, they are a good opportunity to get to know people and relax with a few drinks (if you choose to of course). The boat club regularly goes for curries on Wednesday's as well. Socials are also organised after every race in one of the local pubs. The social secs are also in charge of organising special events including pub golf, social AGM and Tour. Tour is the biggest social event of the year and every member of the boat club is encouraged to attend as you are whisked away to a secret location for 3 of the best days you will have this year.

If you have any questions or want to find out more information do not hesitate to contact one of the captains. We are looking forward to meeting you all at freshers fayre and welcoming you into the biggest and friendliest club at George's. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any general questions. Simply email

You can also contact our captains directly: 

  • Mens Captains: George Mitchell ( and Oliver Ryan (
  • Womens Captains: Annabel Strachan ( and Sofia Tierney (
  • Coxes Captain: Tamsin Parker (

Race Reports

Bumps 2014

Bumps 2014 came around within a flurry activity this year with both the Men and Women's 1st VIII's looking to hold onto head for a third year running. 

The Women's 1st VIII raced strongly and held off a GKT crew that had looked very good earlier on in the year. GKT made their predictable push at Kew Road Bridge in each race managing to come close in the first race, however after that they never moved up again. The Women's 1st VIII crowned off a good weekend with an emphatic row in the 3rd race to hold on to head. The Women's 2nd VIII also had a very successful bumps. After rowing over in the first race two good bumps left them in 7th place going into next year, in doing so they bumped a 1st crew down. The Women's 3rds had a mixed weekend with a row over and 2 bump downs to end 13th, still doing enough to mantain the 2nd highest 3rd crew spot.

The Men's 1st VIII was being chased by an Imperial crew that had been the most successful crew all year. Both crews went off hard however the Imperial crew were just to strong and just before Kew Road bridge they made one move to many and bumped our 1st VIII down. The following two races George's went off hard to try and get back to them however it was not enough and the Men's 1st VIII stay 2nd. The men's 2nd VIII managed to bump up in the first race leaving them chasing ICSM 2nds; the next two races didnt go to plan though and ended up being bumped down twice. The men's 3rd VIII will go down in George's history after winning the first wooden spoon for a while after being bumped down 3 times. Oh well.

Bring on next year, lets hope for more bumps than ever before




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