Abigail Kusi, Hayden Turner

Events Officer

Hi, my name is Abigail Kusi, and I am your events officer for 2023/24. I am a 2nd year Biomed student, and my friends describe me as being kind, patient and funny (this one is questionable!).
I honestly cannot wait to work with the SU Exec team to organise some of the best events you will enjoy this year as well as getting to know each society and being able to cater SU events to suit them.  This year events are going to be a must go, whether you are a drinker or not. Events will be suitable for all faiths, cultures and backgrounds, allowing students to socialise in much more diverse groups, helping to create a better close-knit community on campus.
There will not only be events that will bring enjoyment, but I plan on also bringing events that highlight and tackle important discussions and topics in our world today, from our academics to our mental health. Events that will create an atmosphere of love and unity. There will be weekly spotlights to celebrate and educate ourselves on various things. SU events will be focusing on helping students grow and thrive.   With only 2 years left to go, I hope to use my experience as president of SGUL BLW Society and member of the BLW Campus Ministry to make an impact that will serve the student body and remain on campus for as long as St George’s University of London exists. An impact that embodies the love and passion I learnt and gained from BLW Campus Ministry. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, I am always available and ready to talk. I’m basically your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

For more information email: subar@su.sgul.ac.uk

Please email: subar@su.sgul.ac.uk fro more informa