St. George's Students' Union

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General Secretary


Please see above for whether Nick is currently in the office.
Otherwise, please send him an email!

Nick Davis

Hi everyone, I’m Nick and I am the SU’s General Secretary for 2018-19!

As “GenSec” it is my job to coordinate room bookings, minute all meetings of the union, oversee the executive “Communications Zone” and be the contact point for all general queries and questions relating to the SU.

I am also a Senior Officer of the Union, alongside the President and 2 VP’s, together we oversee the running of the SU and make any important decisions with the help of the executive committee and student body. I am also a trustee, which means I sit on the Trustee Board, which is the highest governing body of the Union, where we oversee the strategic direction of the SU and make sure the decisions we are making are the best for the SU’s future!

Alongside all of this I am also a full time student currently in T year, so please bear in mind I won’t always be in the office or near my emails, but I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about anything to do with the SU please don’t hestitate to email me or pop into the office, it’s what I’m here for!