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St George’s endorses the need for transparency in animal research and accordingly has signed the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK.

This Concordat was developed by Understanding Animal Research (UAR) following extensive consultation with academia, industry, funders and the public.

The Concordat has been signed by 74 scientific organisations and aims to provide greater public understanding of the use of animals in research through information, presentation and discussion.

It sets out four main commitments which signatories are asked to ensure:

  • That they are clear about when, how and why animals are used in research
  • That they will enhance our communications with the media and the public about  research using animals
  • That they will be proactive in providing opportunities for the public to find out about research using animals
  • That they will report on progress annually and share their experiences

St George’s has a substantial reputation in world-class research into cardiovascular disease, infection and immunity and population health.

In relation to the use of animals in research, St George’s is firmly committed to the ‘3Rs': Reduction - to use the minimum number of animals; Replacement - to use alternatives wherever possible and Refinement - to strive for the highest possible standard of animal care, use and welfare.

It also supports the ARRIVE guidelines developed by the NC3Rs to improve standards of reporting and ensure that the data from animal experiments can be fully evaluated and utilised.

For more information

The Understanding Animal Research orgainsation aims to achieve broad understanding of the humane use of animals in medical, veterinary, scientific and environmental research in the UK. We are a not for profit organisation funded by our members. See more information here



Student medic Bruce Liu has teamed up with a charity to make the children’s playroom on the paediatric ward in St George’s Hospital extra fun by donating computer games consoles and a wide-screen TV. 

The Get-Well Gamers,co-founded by Bruce and James Stewart, is a charity dedicated to bringing electronic entertainment to children's hospitals for the benefit of entertainment and pain relief.

And fourth year medic Bruce wanted to donate old games so got in touch with the charity then personally delivered the game consoles, TV, and games such as Super Mario and Lego, last Friday 16 May.

Media Tonic, a company that creates and builds games, also made a donation.

Bruce Liu, said:
"We're delighted to make this donation to St George's Hospital. We hope that this helps the children enjoy themselves more in hospital and helps with their recovery."

Lisa Lewington, Senior Play Specialist at St George’s Hospital, said: “It’s amazing that we now have up-to-date game consoles and games for the children so they can have even more fun in the playroom. Massive thanks to the guys who kindly donated them and for thinking of us.”

Media Tonic, a company that creates and builds games, also made a donation.


Iveagh Surgery ( is looking for a T, P or F year students to summarise patient notes. This involves reading paper notes for new patients and creating a computerised summary and problem list on the electronic patient record. Support and training given to novices. The work is flexible, is at the practice, but could be evening or Saturday morning. Approximately 2 hours per week but variable and flexibility in visits is fine. 

To start now, payment dependent on experience.

If you are interested, please contact the Practice Manager, Naomi McCulloch (

  • Nominations week: 26th-30th May; closes at 3pm
    • This is where you have indeed decided to run for a position and submit a nominations form into the SU office and online.
  • Campaigning week: 9am Mon 2nd June till end of the elections (Fri 13th June)
    • This is the fun part where candidates go around (usually with baked goods) talking to their cohorts and saying why people should vote for them. Please read the rules and regulations before hand.
  • Hustings: 3rd, 4th and 5th June 6pm in LTG
    • This is a 2-5 minute presentation (depending on position running for) followed by a question and answer section where candidates have their voice heard on why they should be elected.
    • For details of which Hustings you need to be present at, please see your NOMINATION PACK
  • Voting Week: 9am Mon 9th June - 3pm Fri 13th June
    • VOTING TIME! - get to a computer, log onto and vote!
    • Voting also available throughout the week at the polling station in the SU (Henry Gray Room)

Medical kits are still available to buy from the school shop, the kit is approved by DoH. Costing £ 26.95, the Shop is making a very little profit as it is a service to sudents.