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Protest and Activism Forum

St George's Protest & Activism Forum aims to facilitate St George's students who want to be socially and/or politically active in the country, and help them be a part of the wide range of important political and social protest and activism that take place nationally and in London. 

London is the centre of UK politics and protest, and an internationally important city for protest on many key themes. We aim to help St George's Students connect to this and reduce the sense of separation students may feel with their busy studies and in our location just outside central London.
Most of our activity centres on our Facebook page at The events listings here are where we and all St George's students can put events we have found that are going on in London, in one easy place to see. Like our page and subscribe to notifications to get the best out of the Forum. 
We also have a big poster up outside the library, where we print off the main events that appear on the Facebook page. Look for it outside the library's glass doors, on the way to the lift.
We invite all students to post or share additional protests on this Facebook page - see our documents pages for how best to post or share events, as well as advice on staying safe at protests. We also invite you to post and share online petitions and discuss the issues that are important to you here - but please be aware that posts on Facebook are in the public domain, see our documents pages for advice on safe and responsible online posting. We will aim to print as many as possible of the events put here on our poster outside St George's library.
We aim to increase people's access in a completely non-partisan way, with no particular preference for certain protests or points of view. The aim is to be a forum to help students share information and make connections with each other, not direct people to points of view that we want to promote. However, use of the forum and society will not be allowed for the promotion of information and points of view which are generally unacceptable within the constraints of the Union's constitution and “No Platform Policy”, i.e. racist, homophobic, sexist or discriminatory views of any kind, or which promote hatred, violence, radicalisation or extremism, or are abusive, or constitute harassment or bullying. See our documents page for our Values and Mission Statement, and Guidelines for what we can and can't allow on the Facebook page.
The Protest & Activism Forum may expand our role to help students organise larger groups and trips to protests and activities, potentially locally, nationally and internationally. We are always interested in anyone who wants to help us expand the society and get involved, or give us feedback on what we're doing.
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