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Palestinian Society

A massive welcome from your SGUL Palestinian Society (PalSoc)!!! As the name suggests, we are a society that fosters the appreciation of Palestinian culture and we encourage EVERYONE to attend our events, Palestinians and non-Palestinians alike.

Our aim as a society is to increase awareness of the issues that are surrounding Palestine in an engaging and inclusive manner; we believe that education is the key to striving for justice and peace in Palestine. To do this, our society will host a range of events throughout the year, such as open discussions and debates with invited speakers. As a healthcare university, we believe it is important that we learn about how medical aid can be delivered to the Palestinians who are plagued with conflict and are in vulnerable situations; for this we will be holding charity events in aid of MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians). Furthermore, to really bring a taste of Palestine to SGUL, other activities will revolve around Palestinian culture, including poetry reading, lunches and even dance. The opportunities are endless, so join our great society!
Lots of love!

- Pal Soc
Hyat El-Zebdeh - Pal Soc President
Maxim Khosho - Vice President
Charles Willes - Treasurer
Hatidzhe Masteva - Secretary
Iqra Ahmed & Ahmad Almohtadi - Media & Events Officers
Simran Chahal - Charity Officer


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