22nd November 2016

A message from the communications Officers

Hello Again! Glad to see you're getting involved and having a read :)

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ASK deborah! Oh yes - it's gonna be as good as it sounds!!!!

For those of you who don't know Deborah Bowman, she is one of our most highly esteemed Medical Law and Ethics Lecturers here at George's.

Following from her previous role as Dean for Student's she has kindly agreed to run an agony aunt style column for our newsletter.

Therefore... we would like to hear your 'agony aunt questions'! For confidentiality reasons we obviously

would not be publishing names in the response in the newsletter. Please send your questions to sucommunications@sgul.ac.uk.


On This Week


21st November









22nd November



GP Grand Round

(12:45-1:45pm -





23rd November









24th November

Fashion Show 

(7pm - SU Bar)


Athena Swan Careers 


(7-10pm - Hyde park



25th November 



Fashion Show

(7pm - SU Bar)




Notices from your Exec

V-Blog from your Equality and diversity officers!

Take a look back at the previous V-Blogs on our YouTube Channel - St George's Students' Union.


Message from the VP Ed & Welfare - Plagiarism warning

To all students doing projects and academic writing, there has been an increase in ‘essay mills’ and websites offering various services such as proof-reading, custom essays etc. on social media.  These have been around for a while, however a new change is that many of these essay sites now capture the work submitted by students and then sell it on to future customers.  The original essay is then flagged up on plagiarism software when submitted by subsequent students and this may even be traced back to the original writer.   Here’s an example of a disclaimer included by one of these websites (in very small print) “Everything provided by the Company is intended for research/reference purposes only. The Company is also not responsible for failure on the part of the Customer to learn the material covered by the Product or improper usage of research contained therein”, so basically, the responsibility lies with you, whether they referenced properly or not!  Please do not resort to these fraudulent websites!  We have various support services, such as the Academic Skills Centre desk in the library and the Royal Literary Fellow, for you to utilise free of charge.  If you’re not sure about who to ask for help, please don’t hesitate to contact me at vpeducation@su.sgul.ac.uk and I can point you in the right direction!


Thank you! - from the International Officers

We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated at our World Toilet Day stand last week. We raised just enough money to twin one toilet in our university with a toilet that will be built for a family in Uganda (which most of you voted for). 

To find out more about the organization behind this fantastic cause, please visit: 



Steering group

First ever Steering Group to happen at SGUL on 24/11/2016 in LTF to discuss: 'Does your SU represent YOU?' This will be a platform to discuss any concerns with regards to representation in the following areas, but not limited to: age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief.


Write a review - Win a years worth of netflix!

Events happening At George's


Apply to be on the Conference Team and help us make this year’s conference bigger and better!



Last year we focused on Global Health Inequality, hosted internationally renowned speakers, had a poster competition, and ran some pioneering and nationally praised workshops. This year we want to surpass this and put George’s even more firmly on the map. There are so many issues around the world and you could help shine a spotlight on them. Help us engage students across the country and learn more about global health challenges.


Be part of something important and help us create an event that matters!



Explore archives handling session!

There is a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich history of St Georges as both a medical school and a hospital. There will be artefacts on display this Thursday at 12:30 in JB.3 and 5 and it is well worth the visit, from old dissection instruments to post mortem records signed by Henry Grey and photos of the first women at Georges!
Don't miss out on a hands on experience with items that explain our history as well as giving you a chance to find out things you'd never know.


Design Principles workshop


Cardiology Society - Chest x-ray Revision Session

When: Monday 28th November , 6pm

Where: Lecture Theatre B

Free Entry

Presented by Dr. Khawaja Shahabuddin: Consultant Radiologist at The Harley Street Clinic 


Aimed at T to F years. 


Athena swan student network careers event


Come to the launch of the Student Experience Network

The first Student Experience Network will take place on Wednesday 23 November from 12.30pm to 1.30pm in Lecture Theatre F.

The network will give the St George’s community the opportunity to come together to help make a positive change to student experience. Staff and students are welcome to attend.
Professor Deborah Bowman, Academic Lead for Quality and Partnerships, will lead the first session and focus on the Student Experience Action Plan, before discussing projects that are taking place and how people can get involved via upcoming events.

During the coming months the network will be hosting a range of events. These will include guest speakers sharing best practice, workshops and seminars. There will also be an opportunity for everyone to get involved by sharing opinions, ideas and solutions. 

Drinks and sandwiches will be available in the lobby area half an hour before and after the event. In line with the current ‘Respect’ campaign, food and drink will not be allowed in the lecture theatre.

If you have any questions about the event, please email Paul Leech, Student Experience and Graduation Coordinator, at pleech@sgul.ac.uk.


Childreach international

Are you ready for a summer of a lifetime? How does travelling to Peru or Tanzania sound? Well next August we are sending out 2 teams to take on a challenge in aid of a child rights charity, Childreach International.
You could be heading out to trek to the Lost City of the Incas… Machu Picchu! You’ll get the opportunity to trek through the Andes in Peru to the ruins of Machu Picchu followed by the opportunity to explore on your own independent travel with so much choice ranging from exploring the Amazon, Lake Titicaca or even trying out some water sports! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSHw3r5JJV4. If that wasn’t enough we also have a team heading out to  Tanzania for you to climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world… Mount Kilimanjaro! Heading out to Tanzania in the Summer, it will take 6 days to climb to Uhuru Peak and summit the Mountain at 5,895m above sea level! You’ll also get the opportunity to visit one of Childreach International’s projects when you are out there to see the work that you are helping to support. A great video of the challenge can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5k6ubbZgx0
We have a limited number of spaces left on the St George’s teams heading out next summer. To find out more  please get in contact with Zara by emailing zara.canfield@childreach.org.uk




Learning microbiology through clinical consultation - 20% discount


Publication opportunity in the Student doctor

Dear St Georges School of Medicine,
My name is James Kilgour, and I am a final year medical student at Cardiff University. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of The Student Doctor - a novel, high quality, peer reviewed, medical journal targeted at a medical student readership. The journal is an imprint of Cardiff University Press, and is a diamond open access publication. 
We are currently accepting submissions from medical students for publication in our January issue of the journal. It would be a fantastic opportunity for St George's students to publish their research and critical essays in a novel journal. We also provide opportunities for peer review and editorial work to students, again which your students could be involved with.
Hope to hear from you in due course.
Best wishes,
James Kilgour
The Student Doctor Journal


The one campaign

The ONE Campaign is currently looking for passionate campaigners to join the fight to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. Each year we work with 50 activists in the UK through our Youth Ambassador programme and we are recruiting now for 2017.  
As a Youth Ambassador you will become a leader in your community and beyond, and have the opportunity to take part in creative and innovative campaign actions and attend high profile events. You’ll gain an insight into political processes and develop important skills in advocacy and campaigning such as meeting your MP and talking to journalists.
This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to further their experience in campaigning, advocacy and international development. It’s also a chance to meet like-minded, motivated campaigners who want to end extreme poverty and preventable disease.
You can find out more about the 2017 Youth Ambassador Programme and how to apply on our website.


Volunteer opportunities at trinity hospice

Minibus escort volunteers
Escorts in the minibus pick up our patients across Wandsworth (and beyond) and bring them in to Trinity for appointments, support groups or events.

  • Benefit to students: This is a busy, dynamic and hands-on role which includes supporting patients to walk/use wheelchairs, and ensuring they are safe, comfortable and often to have a chat throughout the journey. Volunteers gain an understanding of the range of patients and their lives outside the healthcare setting, and meet many different patients. They work closely with the minibus driver.

  • Training/support provided: in-depth training and induction, ongoing support, first-hand experience with patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Commitment: half a day per week (Mon-Fri) + induction day.

  • To apply: complete an application form and send to volunteering@royaltrinityhospice.london. No deadline – we are recruiting throughout the year.

  • No experience needed – we are looking for volunteers who have energy, people skills and compassion, and can make a weekly commitment.

Befriending volunteers
Volunteers are matched with a socially isolated patient and visit them at home once a week for 2-3 hours. The volunteer provides a chance to get out of the house with support, or to stay in and have some company and a chat. Patients are based in Wandsworth or Kensington & Chelsea.

  • Benefits to students: This is a hands on role making a difference to a person’s life and the volunteer will learn about the wider picture for a patient with a terminal illness. The patient’s support needs will differ between individuals but it should be made clear that this is a social role – ie volunteers are not responsible for cooking, dressing or personal care.

  • Training/support provided: in-depth training and induction, ongoing support, quarterly peer support meetings, first-hand experience with patients.

  • Commitment: 2-3 hours per week for 6 months minimum + induction day or 4-6 hours for 3 months minimum + induction day

  • To apply: complete an application form and send to volunteering@royaltrinityhospice.london. No deadline – we are recruiting throughout the year.

  • No experience needed – we are looking for volunteers who have energy, people skills and compassion, and can make a weekly commitment.

All roles involve direct contact with patients with a terminal or life limiting illness and are suited to students who can commit to a regular slot on a weekday. We can provide references. Please note all volunteers must be 18 or over.
Feedback from medical students who have volunteered here has been positive as they get to spend time with patients in an unhurried and person-centred setting (a change from fast paced hospital placements!).


"What should I eat, Doc?"

Hi all med students & doctors,
We all know that what we eat can contribute to chronic diseases, and changing what we eat can help control or reverse them.
The modern world of diet & nutrition is so conflicting, confusing and competitive and patients are increasingly seeking our guidance on what they should be eating.
In my experience, we as med students and doctors are interested in diet and nutrition but are also confused by all the competing voices out there. I've also found that we are often ignorant to much of the formal diet & health research in existence. Most importantly, I think we could be much better in providing patients the best available evidence-based advice on their diet to best help them with their health.
Do you feel confident advising patients on diet? Do you think med school prepares us well for this?
If you've got 3 minutes, I'd love to know what you think by filling in this short survey. https://eSurv.org?u=Doc_Student_Diet_Nutrition_Survey

Thanks a million,

Foundation Year 2 Doctor


alistair hunter sports fund

St George’s, University of London students have a long tradition of successfully integrating their professional training with participation in sport at a high level.  Through the generosity of our alumni, we are now able to encourage students currently upholding this tradition to fulfil their ambitions through a series of sports bursaries.

All students are invited to apply for a grant from Alastair Hunter Sports Fund. The sports bursaries are intended to support students participating in a sport at a high level or with the potential to do so, with their sporting ambitions

Awards of up to £1,000 are available and an awarding panel will assess applications to enable as many students as appropriate to access some funding.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered by the awarding panel

Details of the bursary can be found via the following link:


Closing date for all applications (including additional paperwork and references): 2nd December 2016 by email only to studentfinance@sgul.ac.uk


£15 free for uber 

Sign up to Uber today using the discount code ‘SGUL

Get home or to placement for cheapsies!


Sign up with a new email/phone number to activate the code


Help film interviews for EDAY 

Do you fancy yourself as the next big film or television director?

Do you have a keen interest in media and filming?

Do you want to know more about the work that the CCG is doing?


An exciting opportunity has arisen for two youth health jurors to take part in filming interviews of community organisations at our EDAY event about the work that they do.  Our communications team will arrange quick, structured interviews with 2-3 questions that will be filmed.  You will be able to get an insight on how filming works as well as get involved.


EDAY (equalities, delivery, action, yes!) is a celebration of our approach to Equality and Diversity.  The event will be on Friday 25 November from 10am – 4pm (filming will not take up the whole day).


If you are interested in taking part in this fantastic opportunity please do let me know as soon as possible as it is first come first served. jennifer.sangalang@wandsworthccg.nhs.uk


Physiotherapy at 2017 london marathon

The Events Fundraising Officer for Seafarers-UK, a major charity working to support the maritime community, is looking for 2-3 Physiotherapy students to provide post-race massage therapy for their runners, and are keen to source those who have proper training, particularly with sports physiotherapy.


They have 35 runners in the 2017 London Marathon, and organise a post-race reception on board HQS Wellington, a beautiful ship on the Thames. They are willing to cover travel expenses, and will provide food and drink all day.


If you are qualified to help with this, please contact alex.ward@seafarers-uk.org.

British society for haematology essay competition
The British Society for Haematology invites Undergraduate medical and BMS students from UK schools in any year of training to write an essay on:

“Discuss the impact of obesity on the incidence and management of haematological disorders”

There will be a prize of £500 for the winner and £250 for the runner-up.
There will be a 2,500 word limit excluding references.  Maximum of 20 references in any standard style
Format: Word Doc ONLY, no PDFs or Docx, please.  Font to be Arial point 11 with line spacing of 11/2.
Entries may be checked for plagiarism.
Please send entries to Roberta Filippi  at: Roberta@b-s-h.org.uk by 31 December 2016.



Choose the best regions, specialties and hospital rotations for you using the five-star ratings for each rotation at each hospital, based on 100,000 data points from the GMC National Training Survey, as well as reviews written by doctors who have worked in that rotation before. Its the ‘TripAdvisor' for NHS jobs.


Over 6,000 doctors use the service every week. You can join them at www.messly.co.uk

Outside Events

NUS - Black leaders conference

We’re holding this year’s second ever Black Leaders Conference in London on Monday 5 December. Find out more about our award winning inspirational speaker, workshops exploring Black leadership in the movement and networking opportunities.


ASIt international surgical conference 

The 2017 ASiT International Surgical Conference will be held in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth, 31st March – 2nd April 2017. With a fantastic line up of plenaries and workshops, covering topics across surgical practice, training and research, there is something for delegates of all stages of training. Don’t miss our legendary gala dinner!


Speakers include:

  • Presidents of all four Surgical Royal Colleges

  • Chief Scientific Officer Chair of the Joint Committee on Surgical Training

  • Director of Medecins Sans Frontieres

  • Chair of the General Medical Council


With 10 high-quality, low-cost courses on offer, ASiT can add value to your conference experience. Courses cover technical and non-technical skills across a number of disciplines and specialty groups; from Laparoscopic Skills or Ultrasonography, to Leadership or Global Surgery.


For more details see:


Dementia: Implementing Better Care

One year from the publication of the Challenge on Dementia 2020 Implementation Plan, Dementia 2017: Implementing Better Care is taking place to provide the opportunity to discuss the quality and consistency of dementia care across England, the initial outcomes of pilot programmes that have been created and the emerging innovations to ensure high standards of care and support for those with dementia and their families

This agenda will explore how to reduce dementia inequalities from the best practice approaches across the country. The significant inconsistencies shown on the NHS Dementia Atlas released in August 2016, has encouraged national organisations such as NHS England and Public Health England to advise on the support of people with dementia from a variety of communities. Care Quality Commission has promoted inspections to local dementia groups to get feedback about services and examine the key priorities for improving provision of quality, promoting contributions from local dementia groups, volunteers and carers.

For more information click here


JTG Annual Scientific Conference 2017

Austin Court, Brindleyplace, 80 Cambridge Street, Birmingham , United Kingdom, B1 2NP

The JTG committee are pleased to announce the launch of the JTG Conference 2017! Join us for two trauma themed days of talks, presentations and posters from nationally renowned leaders in the field.

When is it? 21-22 January 2017. It's held over a weekend so hopefully less people need to skip university or sort out annual leave.

Where? Birmingham. Central location with great transport links, and should be good practice for you for the BAOMS conference later next year.

What’s the theme? Trauma! With Birmingham being home to one of the busiest civilian and military trauma units in Europe we thought what else?!

Can I present there? Of course! We have posters and oral presentations. Email your 200 word abstract.

Please note the 30th November deadline and abstracts will not be considered without registering.

You can send as many abstracts as you like – there is no limit!

How much is it? £80 for the conference but up to a 25% discount if you get moving! The first 20 delegates get £10 off!

All BAOMS members get £10 off too! Email the office for membership enquiries.

Will there be a party? Of course! Saturday night. Black tie. The Old Library in Birmingham. Quirky, posh venue. Bubbly reception, three course dinner, dancing. £50 extra but worth every penny.

Also some warm up drinks on the Friday night to make friends before the conference officially starts.

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