21st March 2017

A message from the communications officers

Hey all!! Not loads happening this week. Hope you're all good and enjoying the little bit of sun and not revising too hard!

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ASK deborah! send in your questions now!!

For those of you who don't know Deborah Bowman, she is one of our most highly esteemed Medical Law and Ethics Lecturers here at George's.

Following from her previous role as Dean for Students she has kindly agreed to run an agony aunt style column for our newsletter.

Therefore... we would like to hear your 'agony aunt questions'! For confidentiality reasons we obviously would not be publishing names

in the response in the newsletter. Please send in your questions anonymously on the SU website at https://www.sgsu.org.uk/advice/wellbeing/askdq/


For all you aspiring medics, take a look at the advice Deborah had to give if you're thinking of taking a gap year:



On This Week



20th March









21st March









22nd March









23rd March

UH Revue

6:30pm - Monckton 


Homelessness, Healthcare

and You. 

7pm - LTA



24th March


Family RAG Quiz

SU Bar - 7:30pm





Notices from your Exec

say hello to our new coo!

A big welcome to our new COO at the SU, Gillian Gibson, who started with us on the 27th of February 2017. She will be working with us full-time to ensure continuity year on year as sabbatical officers change. She is also in charge of the commercial presence of the SU and the finances of it. If you wish to meet her, pop in to her office on Level 2 Hunter wing next to Richard and Kenton's office. She'll be more than happy to speak to all of you.

Text-a-tea success!!

Last weeks text-a-tea was massively successful with over 1400 hot beverages given away and £283.45 raised for the charity MIND. We hope you enjoyed this and it made you think and aware about mental wellness. A special thanks to the Campaigns Officers and anyone else involved for all their hard work and running around! Below is a picture of the last cup given! 

Family rag quiz

SGSU Click and Collect and kiosk ordering!

Buy your snazzy George's merchandise on the online SU Shop and your order can be delivered directly to the Students’ Union Shop free of charge!!
Place your order by the last day of the month and your order will be delivered to the shop within 21 days. You will receive notification once your order has been delivered to the shop.

You can alternatviely order via the kiosk in the SU Officer. The kiosk enables users to order directly from the website which features the full range of clothing styles and colours as well as the full range of gifts that are sold in the shop. The holdall is also available in a range of colours if ordered directly from the website.
Orders delivered to another UK address will be delivered within 14 days and the cost for this is £5.63 for one item and £9.22 for two or more items.

Events happening At George's

BOAT CLUB 24hr Charity row

Like other years, the Boat Club will be organising a 24hr charity row in hospital grounds (exact location TBC) and university grounds, to raise funds going towards St Georges Hospital Charity. 
A small percentage of what we raise will hopefully go towards helping out with maintenance costs, but most proceeds will be benefitting the charity and their Cardiac Appeal. We are also setting a btdonate account, and all donations made there go directly 100% to the cause. 
This is taking place next Thursday March 23rd to Friday March 24th. 
We will have mostly rowers taking part, but would love to open this up to anyone wanting to contribute and help us out with the cause, since we will be having hopefully 4 rowing machines rowing at once for some periods of time. This includes other students, staff, faculty, alumni... any help is appreciated! Get in touch at boatclub@su.sgul.ac.uk if you are interested.


Homelessness, healthcare and you. 

When: Thursday 23rd March, 19:00

Where: Lecture Theatre A

On your doorstep, a true picture of homeless healthcare. Messages from a junior doctor and a formerly homeless man.

whatever your discipline, you can chnage the lives of patients who are homeless and excluded from society. Meet Stan Burridge, and hear his remarkable story from life on the streets to leading work for the UK's only homeless charity, and St. George's Alumni, Hannah Field, a GP trainee whose elective with a homelessness team changed the course of her career. 

Find out more at www.pathway.org.uk


Talk: Paedophiles: a new perspective

UH revue

Farage vs the EU. Clinton vs Trump. Dr Phil vs illiterate teenage girls. Come and witness the next ferocious battle in the saga (after all, medically-based comedy is the most fierce of the comedy genres) in MONCKTON on the 23RD MARCH at 18:30 for only £5!!!
Remember: Use the ticket code SGSUREVUE1 and bring your student ID to the show
See you there! 




BMJ video competition

Job opportunity for student ambassadors

Every year that we work with The Challenge we use and pay ‘student ambassadors’ to help with the co-ordination of the client throughout their stay with us (which will run July 9th to August 24th). 

This year, I have already recruited one ambassador from a previous year, but I require probably another two. 

I require the following information from anyone who may be interested:
(i) What dates they can fill (note they don’t need to be able to cover the full date range)
(ii) Whether or not they are prepared to work weekends
(iii) A short covering letter outlining why they might be suitable for such a role.
visit www.the-challenge.org for more details. Send applications to Stuart Pothecary - spotheca@sgul.ac.uk


Professor Noel Gowing Pathology Exhibition Prize

The Pathology Museum is still taking entries until the 31st March for the Prof Noel Gowing Museum Exhibition prize. Your chance to win a £500 prize!
The Pathology Museum awards a prize annually in the memory of Professor Noel Gowing, a Founding Fellow of The Royal College of Pathologists and, for many years, one of the most respected diagnostic histopathologists in the UK. 

A prize of £500 will be awarded to the student who submits the most interesting, innovative and original museum exhibition on the subject of pathology.  Exhibitions may be in a range of formats and media, but must include an original investigation into some aspect of pathology.  Applications are encouraged from all MBBS, BMS, HCS and PA students at St George's. 
The deadline has been extended and submissons will now be accepted from now until the 18th April. Please contact Carol Shielsby email at cshiels@sgul.ac.uk if you are planning to submit an entry.


Medical students wanted for Study involvement!

Are you a medical student?
Do you want to be 1 of 20 entered into a £50 draw?
Do you want the chance to pilot AUGMENTED REALITY technology in the medical simulations field? Technology your peers won’t be using for years to come.
Get involved with our study. We are piloting new technology to teach the digital rectal examination. This is an exam you learn in your 3rd year and comes up in OSCEs! You will need to perform this exam throughout your career. Come learn/revisit the DRE with our state of the art technology.
For more details please email Louise Hufton on lh2413@ic.ac.uk

Paediatrics textbook Offer

Paeds placement or exam coming up? How about a charity textbook with over a thousand images, 60+ clinical cases, and OSCE/exam revision so that everything you need is in one place? Endorsed by the Head of Paediatrics at the WHO, and the lead for education at the Royal College of Paediatrics. Whats more amazon have put on a generous 43% off flash sale for us on "The Unofficial Guide to Paediatrics" ! I don't know how long it will last, but this is likely to be the cheapest the book will ever be!

Free 100 page preview and reviews here:


SGSU Awards

Study +

Can you teach? Maths Tutors required 

London Centre of Education 

Job Description 

Tutoring vacancy £10-£20/hour 

Primary and Secondary tutors requires 

Maths and science 

Part time - weekend 

Tooting SW17 

Training provided  

You can find more information on what we do by visiting our website: www.londonce.com

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require additional information.


NUS discounts
£30 off their next holiday at STA Travel

12% off a one-year 16-25 Railcard

26% off at National Express

And remember you also have access to hundreds of international discounts with ISIC as part of their NUS extra card too - so even more savings while you're living the dream!


Get Involved with LAdies rugby

St. George's Ladies Rugby played their final match of the season vs KCL. It was an unfortunate loss but welldone to fresher Holly Mouland who has been our top point scorer this season. Ladies rugby is getting stronger and stronger and we're always looking to recruit players of any ability. Get in touch with Rachel Nowikov for more details on how to join. 

online books

Outside Events

Nothing here this this time - but if you have any events you'd like to share email them to us at sucommunications@sgul.ac.uk


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