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St George's in the Media

St George’s in the media

In February and March, the University has received substantial coverage in the media. Please see here for examples of where the University’s research and people have had significant involvement in news stories.


22 February – Vaccinating children could be key to stifling Covid, say experts

Professor Paul Heath is quoted in a Guardian article discussing the impact of vaccinating children against Covid-19. The story was syndicated to other international online outlets.

Paul Heath, the professor of paediatric infectious diseases at St George’s, University of London, and the principal investigator of the UK arm of the Novavax Covid-19 vaccine trials, said ongoing infection in children would potentially be a reservoir of infection for unvaccinated adults and the elderly.

“And so, it may still be a reasonable strategy therefore to vaccinate children so that they can’t transmit to those susceptible adults.”

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23 February – Centene gets a foothold in GP surgeries across London

An article discussing private healthcare providers in primary care includes the details of the takeover of the company AT Medics, which was set up by a group of graduates from St George’s.

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24 February – 12 Reasons Novavax Beats Pfizer For Titles Of Best Covid Vaccine And Best Covid Vaccine Stock

Professor Paul Heath is quoted in a trade press article discussing the potential of Novavax stock in the Covid-19 vaccine market.

Professor Paul Heath, professor of infectious diseases at St George’s, University of London, and chief investigator of the UK Novavax trial, said the trial findings were "enormously exciting," particularly the cross-strain efficacy that the vaccine showed.

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26 February – New social mobility and diversity scholarship award in radiology opens

The Royal College of Radiologists announce a new scholarship to boost social mobility after receiving a letter from the St George’s Afro-Caribbean Society.

Dr Jaymin Patel, Chief Operating Officer at Hexarad, said: 'We are delighted to launch the Hexarad Scholarship to UK medical students in collaboration with the St George's University of London Afro-Caribbean Society and supported by The Royal College of Radiologists.  Promoting diversity is key to our core company values, we hope that in creating this scholarship we not only benefit the individuals who apply and succeed, but foster an open landscape to have meaningful conversations relating to social mobility and diversity, enabling real change.'

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4 March - Allergy risk of your baby's smooth skin: Weekly moisturising could lead to food intolerance, new study finds

New research by Dr Michael Perkin in collaboration with King’s College London was shared in a press release by St George’s. The story about allergies and moisturisers was covered by national news outlets in print and online, featuring in approximately 30 news items in the UK and internationally.

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4 March – Malaria: Infections halved in children in Ivory Coast using new technology

Professor Sanjeev Krishna was interviewed by Deutsche Welle about a new technology being used to reduce malaria infections.

"Controlling the vector [mosquitoes] is one of the most important ways of bringing down malaria cases," said Sanjeev Krishna, professor of molecular parasitology and medicine at St George's University in the UK and long-term malaria researcher. "The bed nets are a very useful intervention, but we also need some fresh ideas to bring those numbers down," he told DW.

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