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New Centre for Allied Health

New Centre for Allied Health at St George’s first in the UK

As of 1 September there is a new Centre for Allied Health, created from the Allied Health provision within the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education (FHSCE). The Centre will remain part of the Faculty but will have more direct links to the Institute for Medical and Biomedical Education (IMBE) to improve operational effectiveness and engagement with the wider St George’s community.


Currently, 80 academic staff educate over 1200 Allied Health students a year at the University. This includes education provision for five Allied Health Professions; Diagnostic Radiography, Occupational Therapy, Paramedic, Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Radiography including state of the art simulation facilities. In addition staff co-deliver with the School of Nursing, the Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) pathway in the MSc in Healthcare practice, a truly multiprofessional programme going beyond Allied Health.


Overall there are nine education programmes; six pre-registration and three CPD. Many staff in Allied Health are also active researchers, including working with the National Institute for Health Research, and the FHSCE Centre for Applied Health and Social Care Research.


The new centre is based on the 6th Floor, Hunter Wing as was the previous Allied Health provision.


Head of Centre, Professor Iain Beith says, “This will be the only Centre for Allied Health in the UK, possibly the world, we can’t find another one. It’s an opportunity to become more embedded in the St George’s family, to become more efficient, improve student experience, and to be more attractive by making something of the brand of Allied Health at St George’s.


“I love that it’s a Centre. I’m excited to lead and help build a new way of working within St George’s, with IMBE, and FHSCE. We have a great team of staff who are keen to create even more impact for Allied Health and St George’s.”