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George's Award


What is the St George’s Skills and Recognition Award?

The St George’s Skills and Recognition Award launched earlier this term for students on all courses. Formerly known as the St George’s Award, the new scheme is linked to the University’s strategic priority for employability and careers. Through the award, students can collect digital skills badges and build an e-portfolio, providing them with a way to develop and showcase their transferable skills beyond their degree, and distinguish themselves among their peers.


How does the St George’s Skills and Recognition Award work?

During their time at St George’s, students may take part in lots of extracurricular activities, both on campus and in their own communities. A key element of the revised award is that it is accessible to all and recognises everything students may be involved in. There are 11 badges to collect, demonstrating skills ranging from communication to problem solving to leadership.

Once seven skills badges have been collected students can apply for the St George’s Skills and Recognition badge; when all 11 have been collected students will automatically be awarded the Skills master badge.

Students can enrol in the CANVAS module and create a MyShowcase account. To collect the badges, they should upload evidence of their activity and reflect on how they have built up their skills using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result).

For more information visit the University's website.