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Q&A Videos:

Please see the Q&A videos filmed with SGUL staff here:

  1. Q&A 1 - 23.04.20
    • 00:00 - Introductions & TV recs
    • 14:29 - "If teachers are assigning grades right now, what they are grading is PRIVILEGE..."
    • 24:40 - concerns about technology / internet
    • 34:33 - difficulties studying at home
    • 41:49 - new assessment styles -- chance to practise?
    • 47:18 - concerns about cheating
    • 54:45 - pass mark inflation due to cheating?
    • 58:00 - no-detriment policy
    • 1:04:30 - delay assessments?
    • 1:09:40 - formative assessments?
    • 1:16:00 - Medicine Years 1 + 2
    • 1:21:45 - Tuition Fees
    • 1:26:38 - Next academic year start dates & uncertainty for international students / student parents
    • 1:38:36 - Graduation ?


FAQs: Distance Learning

I'm struggling to study at home - what can I do?
  • Dr Rosie MacLachlan who runs the Academic Success Centre in the Library has put together some information & tips on the ASC canvas page!  Her and her team are also avaliable for 1:1 sessions.
  • Discussed in Q&A video 1
  • If you are a student parent or carer, you may also wish to get in touch with SPACE.
  • You can apply for mitigating circumstances for either consideration (should you require a 3rd attempt) or to defer to the re-sit period.
  • You might also find it helpful to check out the 'Support' FAQs.


FAQs: Disruption during Online Exams

How will you mitigate for students who can't find a quiet place to take their exam / are disrupted during the exam?
  • This is something much harder for some of you than others, and the University acknowledges this.
  • Please contact the exams team if you foresee any specific barriers, so that they can do their best to support everyone's individual circumstances. Please do be aware that they're receiving lots of emails right now, and without knowing the details of your exam there's very limited help they'll be able to give. As such, I'd suggest it's best to wait until the details of your exam are released before contacting them. If the concern is around technology, please see my other related FAQ.
  • If you are a student parent or carer, you may also wish to get in touch with SPACE.
  • You can apply for mitigating circumstances for either consideration (should you require a 3rd attempt) or to defer to the re-sit period.


FAQs: Internet / Technology Issues

How will you mitigate for students having internet connectivity / technology issues?
  • We understand that access to a reliable broadband connection can be an issue for some students.
  • Whilst we cannot directly address this, we are putting appropriate measures in place to ensure that students in this situation are able to participate in their learning and assessments.
  • These measures are as follows:
    • For learning activities: a mobile data connection is sufficient to access teaching and learning materials via Canvas or engage with live activities. Students can also use their smartphone as a hotspot for their secondary device such as Tablets or Laptops.
    • For assessments, the course teams are currently working closely with the Centre for Technology in Education to ensure that assessment types give appropriate consideration to issues such as internet connectivity. This include the review provision of an appropriate alternative assessment. Similarly to learning activities, a mobile data connection is sufficient.
  • For students with individual matters/queries, please contact the Learning Technology Services at
How can I submit my hand-written assessments?
  1. Complete your assessment(s) remotely on A4 paper.
  2. Scan your work using a scanner, or a scanner app on their phone. The recommended app is the “Office Lens” app.
    1. There are resources on Canvas to help you use Office Lens - see the link here
    2. Office Lens allow for scanning of multiple pages in a number of electronic format (PDF is the recommended format).
    3. Name the file. The way to do this should have been specified (e.g. ModuleCode_Semester_StudentID)
    4. Mail it as an attachment to the specified inbox, with the specific email subject.
How can I prevent any technology issues during my assessments?
  • Please ensure that you have a full battery life (& have your device connected to power), and that any software updates have been done to avoid them happening mid-exam.
  • Please also check the time on your laptop/PC is correct, otherwise this could mean that the website times are not in sync with your computer and you’ll be timed-out of the exam. The exam is set in GMT time, so your computer should recognise this if you are in a different time zone.
What if I lose internet connection during my exam?
  • If this happens during the exam, please contact the exams team immediately. You may have been given a number to contact.
  • If you aren't sure who the right person to contact is, you can see the different members of the Exams Team at the bottom of the exams page on the SGUL website.
  • If you are unable to regain connectivity within the exam time, you will need to fill out a mitigating circumstances form which will be reviewed at the Board of Examiners meeting for deferral to the resit period.


FAQs: Additional Arrangements for Exams

How are students with exam arrangements going to access their extra time/considerations in online assessments?
  • Any exam arrangements such as additional time for writing and rest breaks will automatically be added to any online exams you do. You should be able to adjust font size, background and colour too.
  • You can view more information on the University's website, here.


FAQs: Support

Who might I go to for support?
How can I access the counselling service at this time?
  • The Counselling Service is open and working remotely. The booking chart has been temporarily suspended as have the open ('drop-in') sessions. If you are already seeing a counsellor, please email them to arrange appointments. If you have not seen a counsellor here previously, please email
  • More information can be found on the University's FAQ page, under the question: 'Will the counselling service continue to offer appointments?'
How can I access support from the SU at this time?
  • Lon and I will both remain contactable via email.
  • Any welfare support sessions will not be taking place on site, however these can be arranged by email and will go ahead through alternative arrangements.
  • Please contact Lon ( and I ( to discuss this further.
How can I get free condoms at the moment?
How can I access support from the Student Life Centre at this time?
  • The Student Life Centre is still available remotely for practical needs.
  • They can be contacted by email or phone at or 020 8266 6344.


FAQs: Graduation

Is Graduation still going ahead?
  • Graduation is still planned to go ahead in July, however the University are looking at alternative options (eg. delaying the ceremony) and will be in touch with you as soon as any changes are made.
Is Grad Ball happening?
  • This is at the discretion of the venue, as the SU has already paid them.