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Music Room

The Music Room is situated on Level 2 of Hunter Wing (opposite the SU office), and is equipped for the needs of all musicians and performers. There are 2 pianos, an electric keyboard, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, a drum kit, amps and microphones.

Membership for the Music Room during the academic year of 2018-19 costs £30 for students and £45 for non-students. Members are granted full use of the room and equipment once a membership has been purchased.

To apply for membership please complete the Student Application form or Staff Application form. If you would like to pay online please complete the online form and purchase. Then bring in the proof of purchase/cheque/cash and the correct completed appliation form to the Vice President of Finance and Student Activities. Your ID card will then be programmed for Music Room access.

Once you have access to the Music Room, you can book a slot by visiting the Room Booking System.

To hire a locker in the music room, please fill in this FORM and take it in to Will Morrell (VP Finance & Student Activities) with a £5 deposit.

If you are booking the Music Room for the first time, you will need to request a room booking login. You can do this by emailing the General Secretary – Nick Davis.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact William Morrell (Vice President of Finance and Student Activities) or our Societies Officers.