St George's Global Health Conference 2017

St George's Global Health Conference 2017

  • Saturday 25 February 2017
  • 09:00
  • St George's University of London
St George's Global Health Conference 2017

About the event

Challenging Borders: Adressing the barriers to Global Health


St George’s Global Health Conference 2017 is an annual student-organised initiative that aims to bring attention to issues of medicine and health in a wider context. The Conference hopes to build understanding amongst young, impassioned people who have an interest in the international considerations of healthcare, current affairs, and working towards making a much needed change in the world.


“CHALLENGING BORDERS” aims to shine a spotlight on the impact of division as an obstacle to global health. Borders can be physical, such as nation lines or geographical impediments, man-made, such as walls and prisons, but also more abstract, such as stigma towards mental health. All create a barrier to personal, community, and international well-being. Many examples exist today, and none more topical than the myriad issues surrounding migrant health. Success has been varied in addressing these barriers. There is a great need to transcend these varied difficulties by appreciating the detailed issues and coming together to rise above division.


With some incredibly-high profile speakers to inspire you and in-depth workshops to challenge you, you are sure to have a fantastic experience. We hope you enjoy engaging with our speakers and workshop facilitators throughout the day.


Keep Updates through our Facebook page where we will be revealing the programme over the coming weeks.


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Dr David McCoy is the Director of the London-based global health charity, Medact and the Global Health Teaching Director at Queen Mary University, London.
After 15 years working in clinical medicine and health system development in South Africa, Dr McCoy has since continued work on various aspect of global health as a public health specialist in London. Currently he is working in the area of climate change and global health governance.

Dr Hankir is best known for his innovative "Wounded Healer" programme which he has delivered to over 50,000 people in 9 countries across 5 continents worldwide, and in recognition of his work in 2013 he was awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists Foundation Doctors of the Year.
This year he will be delivering an exciting talk entitled 'Barriers to accessing and using mental health services for Palestinians with mental health problems residing in refugee camps in Jordan'.

Dr Richard Alderslade, MA BM BCh FRCP FFPH will be talking about 'The Problems posed by Infectious Diseases in Refugee Populations'.
Dr Alderslade is a public health specialist formerly of the World Health Organisation (WHO). His background as a physician, Public Health Regional Director, medical civil servant, and researcher has enabled him to use his experience to educate and inspire students at multiple universities in the UK and USA.
As an expert in health management and international development, Dr Alderslade will be addressing some of the real public health challenges faced by migrant populations in times of conflict and will give his take on the current refugee crisis gripping Europe.

Doctors of the World is an independent humanitarian movement working at home and abroad to empower excluded people to access healthcare.
Is access to healthcare important? What are the policy implications of restricting access to healthcare? How can healthcare professional be advocates for access to healthcare?
This case-based afternoon workshop will be looking at access and entitlement to healthcare for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants in the UK.

Following the launch of their joint briefing Access to Healthcare this month, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel (PHR-I) will be joining Dr Ahmed Younis of St George’s, University of London, to present a session on the obstacles to healthcare for Palestinians created by checkpoints, blockade and closure and the daily reality of living under occupation.

Dr Schofield is a Teaching Fellow in Global Health, Medical Ethics and Law at SGUL and a specialist registrar in Palliative Medicine. He has a long standing interest in global health, palliative medicine in a global setting, and medical ethics and law. He has previously completed the Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene and worked as a volunteer doctor in rural Sierra Leone as well as MA’s in both Philosophy and Healthcare Ethics and Law. His research interests focus on ethical challenges in healthcare provision and is due to start a PhD looking at this in the context of palliative care in Kampala, Uganda.

All the best,
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