Dermatology Society

Skin of Colour

  • Thursday 23 November 2023
  • 18:30
  • Microsoft Teams
Skin of Colour

About the event

As we know representation of diverse skin types is essential for great patient care, especially in a multicultural hub such as London. Medical universities across the UK have no fixed undergraduate curriculum for dermatology, and this shows even more when regarding to skin conditions in diverse skin types. The dermatology societies of London, led by SGUL Dermatology Society, want to make a change and help our future junior doctors feel more confident in dermatology for diverse skin types.


Thursday 2 November, 6:30pm

Skin care and acne in diverse skin types : Dr Justine Kluk


Thursday 9 November, 6:30pm

Common community (GP) presentations in diverse skin types: Dr Jagun- SOCTUK Co-Founder


Thursday 16 November, 6:30pm

Afro-textured hair and colourism:  Dr Emma Amoafo


Thursday 23 November, 6:30pm

Paediatric dermatology in diverse skin types: Dr Rinaldi


Thursday 30 November, 6:30pm

Skin cancer in diverse skin types - Imperial Dermatology Society


Thursday 7 December, 6:30pm

What to know about dermatology in African and Caribbean patients: Dr Yemi Bello - 07/12/2023


Thursday 11 January, 6:30pm

Rheumatological skin presentations in diverse skin types: Dr Akhras


Thursday 18 January, 6:30pm

South Asian skin presentations: Dr Nagesh


Thursday 25 January, 6:30pm

Vitiligo lecture: Dr Elamin, SOCTUK Secretary



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