Breathing Spaces

A Breathing Space

A Breathing Space

  • Tuesday 09 March 2021
  • 12:00
  • Online
A Breathing Space

About the event

‘A Breathing Space’ started in July 20 in response to BLM, and requests for support from students and ran weekly over the summer for 8 weeks.
The purpose of the group is to reflect on, process and understand the dynamics of the current situation, feelings around the impact of Covid19 and BLM for the medical school community. It is a space to pause and reflect, to share feelings and to understand our historical and present contexts better.

It is a form of open dialogue, which is for all, not only the BAME students and staff and its goal is not information about structural change needed, but rather talking freely to identify feelings and share them. There is then relief in sharing for the individuals and increased capacity for the context to contain feelings, as well as a possibility of developing an organisation which is emotionally intelligent. We may also incorporate Social Dreaming in the group process.

The Black Lives Matter movement speaks to equity and how we are no longer prepared to accept unjust, discriminatory and violent behaviour towards each other and many of us are moved to correct the ingrained cultural, institutional habits that have tolerated racism, discrimination and oppression until now.

Ground rules to keep the space safe are;
•    Respectful communication and listening
•    Not repeating material of others’ outside the group
•    Attendance on time and stay till end of group
•    Give notice of absences
•    Keep camera on
•    The information shared in the group will be confidential to the group. As facilitators we will not share information with medical school or anyone else.

Please book your place with Janice Jackson by emailing Jale Cilasun,

Facilitator Biographies

Dr Jale Cilasun is a Consultant Psychiatrist, specialist in Medical Psychotherapy, formerly Clinical Director of Wandsworth Complex Needs Service at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (1992-2018). She is currently in private practice. She has convened Large Groups for the IGA students (2011-2017), conferences of Medical Psychotherapy Faculty of the College (2019) and events of Group Analytic Society International. She is interested in writing, large group processes and  sociocultural and racialised dynamics.




Patrick Mandikate is a Group Analyst. He is a visiting lecturer on the D10 Organisational Dynamics course at the Tavistock. Patrick is an organisational consultant and presently works in East London NHS Foundation Trust and at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. Patrick has extensive experience working with young black men who have been over-represented in the mental health system and presently runs groups for London gang members at HMP ISIS in London. He was previously Head of Psychotherapy at HMP Grendon therapeutic prison from 2002-2014. Patrick is African and grew up in colonial Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

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