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Running for a Position 

To run for a position you need to apply both online and submit a paper form. To apply online go to the election home page and click on your election and then follow the onscreen instructions on how to apply. When applying online please only submit one application per team under one of the team members' names, then please add the other names as either a slate or a slogan on to your campaign, this will then allow you to run as one team and be elected into the position as one. 

The paper copy of the form can be found below, or can be picked up from the SU Office on the second floor of Hunter Wing. This pack contains all of the information required to run in the election. The completed form must then be handed back into the SU Office, as well as you completing your online application.

Remember: If you are running for a team position please put one of the names as the nominee and the other members of the team in the box labelled 'slogan'.


  • Advertising week: 13th - 17th May
    • This is where the SU raises awareness about elections. This gives you time to decide if it's for you.
  • Nominations week: 20th- 24th May closes at 3pm
    • This is where you have indeed decided to run for a position and submit a nominations form into the SU Office and online.
    • Reopen Nominations opens 6pm Fri 24th May and closes 11am Tuesday 28th May
  • Campaigning week: 27th - 31st May
    • This is the fun part where candidates go around talking to their cohorts and saying why people should vote for them. Please read the rules and regulations before hand.
    • If you are running during reopen nominations, you CANNOT campaign until 12 pm on Tuesday 28th May
  • Voting Week: 3rd - 7th June, voting closes at 3pm
  • Results: Friday 7 June, SU Bar @ 6pm



Nomination Packs:


Nomination packs available HERE

If you have any queries regarding the election please email for further information.