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The Rules

"If you are worried that you might be breaking the rules, you probably are!"

Luke Turner, Assistant Returning Officer, Summer 2011


Play Fair

SGUL is known as the friendliest medical school in the land, so lets keep it that way!  Any violation to the regulations by candidates (or anyone acting on behalf of candidates) should be reported to the Assistant Returning Officer (Sam Khavandi,, 0208 725 2709).  If a candidate is deemed to have broken the rules, this can result in anything from a warning to disqualification from the elections, so don't take any chances!  To find out what the regulations for elections are, click here



Every ordinary member of SGSU is eligible to nominate themself for election.  Who does that include...EVERYONE!  It doesn't matter what year you are in, whether you're an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, or what course you are on, you are ALL eligible. If you haven't already, check out the regulations for elections  for the details on eligibility.

All submitted nominations remain confidential until campaigning starts, so don't ask us, we won't tell!  Later that day, all manifesto material and canidate information shall be made available and widely advertised to the student body. This will be both through the SGSU website and paper copies of the manifestos on the wall in the SU Bar.  A candidate may withdraw their nomination prior to the closing date, but not after.  To find out more about manifestos, check out the regulations for elections   (Seriously, READ THEM!)

Interested in nomination yourself?  See our Running for a Position page



According to the SGSU constitution "A fair, respectful and positive campaign must be carried out."  That means no rumors or incinuations aimed at opposition candidates, no matter how true, well disguised or down right funny they may be! 

Candidates may not actively campaign in any way in the library, computer rooms, Eddie's Cafe, or the Students' Union Office. Candidates must also not campaign in any part of the hospital. Candidates found to be in breach of these rules risk disqualifaction. If you wish to do a lecture shoutout then please contact the pre- and proceeding lecturers and ask if they don't mind if you do one! Please extend the invitation to do a shoutout to your fellow campaigners in the spirit of fair play and equal oppurtunity.

There are a few rules you must adhere to when campaigning, and the easiest way to stay inside the rules is by checking first! The rules for campaigning can be found in the relevant Election Pack in our Running for a Position page.



You may only vote once!  not twice, not thrice, just once.

To vote simply log on to and click on the elections tab.

If you want more information about how the voting system or count works at SGSU, check out our guide here!



Any and all complaints regarding elections should be made to the assistant returning officer in writing prior to the election count.

Hand in any written complaints to...

Annabel Strachan 

Students' Union,

2nd Floor,

Hunter Wing.

or email them to:

Tel: 0208 725 2709


Oh and if you still haven't done it yet, READ THE REGULATIONS FOR ELECTIONS