Executive Committee Roles

All roles on the Exec are available to run for. For more information on these, please see the 'Be on the Exec' section of the website.

Year Representatives

Year Representative roles are run for as either an individual or as a team - if you want to work alongside other people as a year rep, you'll need to find people to run with as a team. In the Summer Elections, you'll be running for the next year's rep - if you're currently in 2nd year, for instance, you'll be running for the 3rd year rep.

Most year rep positions are for 1-2 candidates, however for final year reps and MBBS P year reps, up to 5 people can run as a team. There are also some course rep roles, where those elected will represent all years of their course.

If you'd like to see all the year rep roles available, please click here.