SGSU Summer Elections Hustings 2021

This year, all hustings events took place online via Microsoft Teams. If you want to see the recordings from these meeting, click the name of the hustings meeting you wish to view below.

Union Events and Union Affairs Zones: 15th June, 5:30pm

  • Events Officers
  • Charity and Volunteering Officers
  • Heritage Officers
  • Union Chair
  • Democracy Officers
  • Student Trustees

Student Activities and Student Advocacy Zones: 16th June, 5:30pm

  • Societies Officers
  • Sports Officers
  • Communications Officers
  • Technical Officers
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officers
  • Representation Officers
  • Environment and Ethics Officers
  • International Officers

Year Representatives: 17th June, 5:30pm

Sabbatical Officers: 18th June, 5:30pm

  • President
  • Vice President: Education & Welfare
  • Vice President: Student Activities and Experience