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St. George's Martial Arts Club - Shorinji Kempo SGUL

Thursday 7-9pm Squash Court 1, Rob Lowe Sports Centre (Restarting 2nd October 2014 pending confirmation)

What is Shorinji Kempo?
Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese Martial art practiced around the world. It blends hard and soft techniques splitting the curriculum between striking methods and locks, throws and pins. Sparring, seated meditation and corrective massage are also included in the syllabus.

What’s a class like?
Everybody starts with a group warm-up followed by intense practice of the basics. This can be hard work, and is a
great way to build fitness. After this we divide into smaller groups or pairs and drill the techniques from the syllabus. Sparring, meditation and massage are introduced gradually throughout the term.

Then of course almost every class is followed by a trip to the bar or out for a curry.

Who teaches the class?

We’re lucky to have some excellent instructors very near to us who visit regularly. Like Blaise Howard, 5th Dan black belt leading us most weeks.
Adam Jones the club president has recently been awarded his 1st Dan Black belt and is very capable of running the class in his absence.

Why should I join?
It’s lots of fun; you can get fitter and learn self-defence.

Shorinji Kempo is a great way to meet new people and make friends, at St. George’s, around the UK and the world over. Every year we make the trip to the national student seminar, which is a great weekend away. You can train all over the world, from Japan, to Europe, to Bali, to Australia and more.

How Do I join?
Come to a class, the first 2 are FREE!

Or email

Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes, you don't need any experience of martial arts or Shorinji Kempo to join the club or take part.

How much does it cost?

New members get 2 weeks of free classes before they need to decide about joining.

Joining costs £5 and gets you 2 more classes.

After this classes cost £3 each or £10 per month (4 for 3)

Anything Else?

If you would like to find out more about Shorinji Kempo: 

Get in touch via our Facebook Group

Email Adam Jones:

Visit the UK Shorinji Kempo Federation Website

Having trouble remembering the techniques, or want to brush up between classes?

The Tokyo University Branch has some excellent english language pages that cover basic terminology, techniques and the early syllabus. It even has animations too!



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