COVID-19 - Temporary Finance Guidance

Temporary Financal Guidance to Clubs and Societies

Given the closure of the Students' Union, and the interruptions to normal financial activity within the Union, the guide below will detail a number of changes that are occurring to the way payments are made and received. These will last until the Union re-opens. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the changes, however we have had to make alterations due to both the closure of the SU Office and the interruption of the trading activities of the SU Shop and Bar.

Sending Payments To Your Club or Society

Transferring subs and income to your organisation will continue as normal - if you need the bank details to make a transfer to your club or society, please email Always remember to put in a reference for the payments, and confirm this reference with VP Finance, so that payments can be tracked properly. Web payments will also continue to work, and can be set up if needed - for adding web payments, please email either VP Finance or to discuss this.

Given the advice of the SU regarding socials and events within University, and the general Government and University guidance, we will not be issuing Sumup card readers or cash floats until further notice.

Making Payments From Your Club or Society

Any claims forms whose expenditures predate the SU's advice regarding socials and events will be processed as normal. Most of these have been processed, however there are a few that cannot be processed at the moment - further information will be sent to those people shortly. If you are expecting a payment but have not received it, please email VP Finance, however please note that it may not be possible to rectify these immediately as it may require documents within the SU Offices.

In order to ensure that club and society spending is appropriate, given the wide-ranging advice on reducing social contact and activities, any expenses that date from the 17th March may not be paid unless they are discussed with VP Finance in advance. This includes invoices, claims forms, charitable donations and any other outgoing payments. Club and Society committees sould be sure to discuss any planned expenditure with the SU before committing to it - this is especially important if a member of the Club or Society plans to purchase something and then claim back for it. While we do not want any students to be left out of pocket, we feel that it is in the interests of everyone involved to ensure that Clubs and Societies are not purchasing unnecessary resources during a period of reduced activity and social distancing, that no purchases are made that are likely to be wasted, and that no activities are being planned against the Union's, University's and Government's advice.

If you have discussed the planned spending with the SU, and have received approval for it, you can submit your forms to the email address. The normal requirement to have forms signed in person by a Treasurer or President will be relaxed, and email confirmations will also be accepted. If you are a Club or Society President or Treasurer, please reply to any emails from the SU in good time, as delays to emails will lead to delayed payments. The SU will be using the information provided throughout the year on the Treasurer Forms to inform us of who is an authorised signatory for a Club or Society.

Outgoing payments may not be made on the same schedule as normal, due to a reduction in both the volume of payments and the ability to access the SU Offices - please be aware that it may take longer than normal to receive payments, and ensure that any suppliers who might be expecting quick turnarounds for payments are also aware of this.