COVID-19 - Temporary Finance Guidance

Temporary Financal Guidance to Clubs and Societies

Given the ongoing disruption to the Students' Union's normal activities, and the interruptions to normal financial activity within the Union, the guide below will detail a number of changes that are occurring to the way payments are made and received. These will last for the forseeable future. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the changes, however the amendments made will hopefully make submitting claims and invoices easier, and with reduced contact than normal.

Sending Payments To Your Club or Society

Transferring subs and income to your organisation will continue as normal - if you need the bank details to make a transfer to your club or society, please email Always remember to put in a reference for the payments, and confirm this reference with VP Student Activites, so that payments can be tracked properly. Web payments will also continue to work, and can be set up if needed - for adding web payments, please email either VP Student Activities or to discuss this.

Given the advice of the SU regarding socials and events within University, and the general Government and University guidance, we will not be issuing Sumup card readers or cash floats until further notice.

Making Payments From Your Club or Society

You can find a copy of the claims form here - once filled in, submit your forms to the email address. The normal requirement to have forms signed in person by a Treasurer or President will be relaxed, and email confirmations will also be accepted. The best way to do this is to copy your club or society treasurer into your email submission of your form - they should then reply to all, confirming the expenses as legitimate. Please also make sure you include all necessary receipts and proofs of purchase when submitting forms digitally.

If you are a Club or Society President or Treasurer, please reply to any emails from the SU in good time, as delays to emails will lead to delayed payments. The SU will be using the information provided throughout the year on the Treasurer Training reply form to inform us of who is an authorised signatory for a Club or Society. If you have not received the Treasurer Training slides, please let us know.

Outgoing payments are being made on a reduced schedule of once a fortnight - please be aware that it may take longer than normal to receive payments, and ensure that any suppliers who might be expecting quick turnarounds for payments are also aware of this.