Welfare Room

The Welfare Room is located on the second floor of Hunter Wing and is available for use during university opening hours for students and staff who require a comfortable and private space if they are feeling unwell or need to breast feed or express. The room is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities and a small fridge to stored expressed milk or medication.

Please email George Hadjiyiannakis, VP Education & Welfare who will be able to provide you with access to the room.

We ask that only one user (or family group) use the Welfare Room at a time. Please observe and use the ‘occupied’ sign on the door.

Please use hand sanitiser and wipes provided.

Please don’t use the room if you are feeling unwell. There are alternative facilities for staff and students who become ill on site.

We ask that users prioritise others’ needs as well as their own and manage their time in the Welfare Room as efficiently as is comfortable. Please think twice before taking an extended rest in the room.