SU Storage

Update on the RAG Room

In the coming weeks, the RAG room is due to be closed to undergo a structural survey and inspection, which will necessitate the complete clearance of the room. As such, please make sure you stay informed on what will happen to items currently stored in the room.

Clearing The Room

In order to ensure that everything that needs keeping is kept, please do one of the following to make sure none of your society's belongings are disposed of:

1) Visit the SU (10am - 2pm, Monday to Wednesday) before Wednesday 26th May, and move anything you wish to keep off-site. If you can't visit during these times, but still wish to collect your society's belongings to move off-site, please email to arrange another time.

If you do this, you will need to provide a brief summary of what has been removed from site by emailing, so that we are able to keep track of what has been moved where, and so that any questions about items and their locations further down the line can be answered.

2) Come to the SU on Friday 28th May, between 9am and 5pm, to move your society's belongings to alternative on-site storage in the Rob Lowe. There should be some Exec volunteers present to help, but be prepared to move things across to the Rob Lowe yourself, with someone accompanying you to ensure you can get in.

Please note that, if you are using the Rob Lowe storage provisions, you will need to contact the SU in advance if you ever need to access this while the RAG room is closed (you won't be able to visit the SU office and get the key from us, we will need to arrange for the key to be available before you attend).

If you wish to follow this option, please email to confirm this, and give a time that you will be visiting, as we need to limit the amount of people present throughout the day. Please only do this if you are unable to move your society belongings off-site.

3) Email with a list of everything you wish to keep by Wednesday 26th May. The SU will then move these items across to the Rob Lowe for safekeeping. Please be as specific as you can - item quantities, descriptions, where it is likely to be in the RAG room and so on. We will do our best to locate everything listed in the email and retain it, but we cannot guarantee this. Please note that it will not be acceptable to simply email and ask that all your society's belongings are moved; we need clear guidance on what is yours, and what of this needs keeping.

Please only follow this option if nobody from your society is able to attend on Friday 28th May, and if you are unable to move anything off-site.

Storage Boxes

If your society is using one of the SU's storage boxes (the red and black hinged-lid stacking crates), and you're not able to move these off-site, we will automatically move these to the Rob Lowe. If you know that everything you want to keep is currently in one of these boxes, and you can't attend the SU, you don't need to do anything further; we will move them to the Rob Lowe for safekeeping.

Uncleared Belongings

If, after the 28th May, there are any belongings left in the RAG room, then these will be disposed of. There is no second chance this time - if there is anything still in the room on Monday 31st May, we will take it that it is no longer needed and it will be binned. If you are not sure of what your society currently holds in the RAG room, it is your responsibility to ensure that you arrange a visit to the RAG room to check, and that you then make sure one of the three above options are followed if you want to retain anything.

The SU will not be held responsible for the replacement of any items left in the SU after Friday 28th May. Additionally, anything that is disposed of that clearly belongs to a society will be noted, and we will not be accepting any claims forms or invoices for replacements. As such, it's crucial that you ensure you are aware of what is currently in the RAG room that belongs to your society, and that anything that you may want or need in the future is safely retained through one of the above methods.

Community Projects Cupboard

Although the CP cupboard does not need to be cleared, we would ask that anyone currently using it also visits the SU before the 28th May, to ensure the cupboard is tidy and to assess what you currently have stored in there. The CP Cupboard may need to be used for storing some items from the RAG room, so it's important that we ensure the cupboard has the maximum amount of storage space available. If there is anything in the cupboard that you no longer require, please let us know and we will arrange for it to be disposed of.

Future Storage

As soon as additional storage is available on-site for anything removed, be it in the RAG room or elsewhere, we will email again and let you know that things can be returned to site. The room in the Rob Lowe being used as temporary storage is likely to be converted into a more permanent storage space next year, primarily for the storage of costume, props and spare sports kit (i.e. things that are not needed on a weekly basis).

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions about the above email, or have any concerns about the options presented or anything else related to storage of society equipment, please email us and we will do our best to work through this with you.