If you are certain of your religious orientation you may be interested in getting involved in appropriate groups and activities. These are a good way of getting to know people with similar ideas to you and can be a source of inspiration, encouragement and support as well as being great fun. If you are a Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Hindu or Jewish you may wish to join the appropriate faith society we have here, but if you follow any other faith you will have to seek out local activities outside George’s. In particular, research what ULU has to offer, as they cater for a much wider range of beliefs.

Some students suffer a crisis of faith when they leave home for the first time and this can be particularly unsettling. At this time what you believe is suddenly no longer guided, governed or supported by your parents and in general this is a time for establishing yourself as an independent adult and finding your own identity. If this happens to you then find somebody to talk over your thoughts and feelings with. There may be no easy answer, but at the end of the day it is up to you to decide what you believe and how you want to live your life.

Advice can be gained from our multi-faith chaplain Joan Tierney (jtierney@sgul.ac.uk, 07752313918), who is based on level 2 Hunter wing every Wednesday, next door to where the counsellors live...  She can point you in the direction of other local faith groups.

The university also has information available on their website. At the end of this page there are also useful documents and information.

We are lucky enough to have a designated Multifaith and Quiet Contemplation Room which can be accessed by any student via the room booking service. Contact Kea Horvers for more information or the heads of any of the faith societies.

The Multifaith and Quiet Comtemplation Room

The university and the students union welcomes and encourages intergration between all faith groups through the multifaith and quiet comtemplation room. This is an onsite space which can be booked and used by any student(s) off faith or not, to observe prayers or have some quiet time away from the demands of everyday students life. The guidelines for this space can be found here.

For more FAQs on the Room please click here.