Chantal Salira, George Hadjiyiannakis

Equality and Diversity Officers

Hi, we're Chantal and George and we're your Equality and Diversity Officers for 2020/21

Our role involves running awareness campaigns and events on issues of equality, looking after the needs of special interest groups, and working on welfare campaigns. 

More specifically, we hope to work towards ending structural discrimination at SGUL by: 

  • Working to decrease the attainment gap through exploring the admissions process

  • Collaborating with societies representing minorities to give them the support they need and to increase the number of events for things like international women’s day, homosexual, bisexual and transgender visibility days, and black history month.

  • Lectures on Black and Asian British history and clinically relevant diverse teaching e.g. dermatology

  • Working with staff at the university to establish a complaints system and a no tolerance policy towards discrimination

We're looking forward to running awareness campaigns and events to highlight issues of equality and diversity here at St George's.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more or if you have any concerns: