Beth, Cas, Zahra, Becky

Campaigns Officers

Hi, we're Beth, Cas, Zahra and Becky and we're your Campaigns Officers for 2020/21

We’re Becky, Zahra, Cas & Beth and we’ve come together through our mutual desire to raise awareness & be your Campaigns Officers! We’re all in different years, part of different societies & bring a lot of unique knowledge and experience to make up this amazing team! Feel free to scroll down & find out more about us.

You may have met us before, as we've been involved in lots of different areas of University life: SU (VPE&W, E&E), CovidResponse, Revue, Rock Climbing, Musical, Cardiology soc, Hockey, OSCEsoc, Teddy Bear Hospital, Street Doctors & StudyHub -- just to name a few! 

We think the role of the Campaigns Officers is becoming increasingly important, as they raise awareness of the issues concerning and affecting students, reducing the stigma & helping to ensure that we all feel more supported at University. 

Every person from every course, and at every level, has something amazing to bring to our community and this is something we want to nurture in our time here at George’s. As Campaigns Officers, we hope to bring our exciting, resourceful and innovative student body together to create change in our community!

We believe that the SU should be the voice of the students - all of you deserve to be heard and taken seriously. It's important to us that the Campaigns we run are relevant and reflect what is important to our students. Everyone at George's has an idea of what needs a voice, and that’s something that we want to facilitate. As friendly and approachable people, we hope that you will feel comfortable to share your ideas and feedback with us.

There are certain areas which we hope to focus  on this year:

  • Common Humanity Campaign – The glass display outside the library & Humans of Healthcare event were great to showcase the challenges which have been faced by those of us in our George’s Community, and we’d love to be able to highlight this more.

  • Black Lives Matter - We feel it is paramount that the SU continues to show solidarity with its black students and provide resources & education for all students on how to speak up against racism. We understand that consistent work needs to be done for BLM, and that there needs to be actions taken. We will be continuing our work supporting the upcoming curriculum redesign with the inclusion and diversity modifications group. 

  • Harassment and Sexual Misconduct – We know from speaking to our peers, sexual harassment and consent are ongoing problems. We hope to be a part of the #CombatMisconduct project that the charity Ava is running with SGUL.

We are also passionate about being involved with campaigns relating to LGBTQA+ pride, mental health and the environment. Please get in touch with us if you have any ideas for Campaigns we could run, or if you would like to be involved in anything we’re doing over the year. We look forward to seeing you all soon, possibly via zoom…

Beth, Cas, Zahra & Becky

We'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback so don't hesitate to contact us: