SGSU Council is made up of representatives from each club and society, as well as members of the SGSU Executive. Council meetings are an opportunity for the executive team to provide an update on their activities and inform the student body of important developments for the students' union. It is also an opportunity for clubs and societies to share news and discuss any issues of concern. At the start of each term the first council meeting is dedicated to confirming club and society room booking requests.


Dates of SGSU Council meetings 2019/2020:

Wednesday 27 August

Michael Heron Lecture Theatre

Tuesday 24 September

Lecture Theatre C

Tuesday 22 October

Lecture Theatre C

Tuesday 19 November

Lecture Theatre C

Tuesday 17 December

Lecture Theatre C

Tuesday 14 January

Tuesday 11 February

Tuesday 10 March

Tuesday 7 April

Tuesday 5 May

Tuesday 2 June

Tuesday 30 June

Tuesday 28 July


Council Meetings Archive

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Council 2017/18

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