Ogor Babundo

VP Student Activities & Experience

Hi, I'm Ogor Babundo, VP Student Activities & Experience for 2021/22

I’m a newly graduated biomedical scientist from St George’s, and as a former student I have grown to love the St George’s sense of community. Over the last year, I was the general secretary of the SU and now as the vp of student activities and experience, I want to help you have the best year possible with more onsite campus events and activities to make your experience more fun and exciting! 

The last year hasn’t been easy, but as restrictions are easing I first of all aim to get all clubs and societies back to normal activity along with the restoration of room booking privileges. I’m here to not only provide support to our new executive team and sabbatical team but to also advocate for BAME students and students of faith who are often marginalised in society.  

This year is going to be better than ever because we aim to listen to you and help empower each and every one of you through our union. If you want a change/improvement in any area of your student life, please feel free to email me or come over to the SU office to chat! Email me at: vpactivities@su.sgul.ac.uk . I look forward to seeing you all! 


Ogor Babundo | 020 8725 5078 | vpactivities@su.sgul.ac.uk

Zone: Union Activities | Favourite Event: Football matches