Becky Kemp Arnold


Hi, my name is Becky Kemp Arnold and I am your Students’ Union President for 2021/22

I am delighted to be your elected Student Union President this year! I have just finished my second year of medicine and I feel there is no time like the present to harness the passion I have for making positive changes to our education and university experience. 

The impact of COVID-19 has put strain on our community, both bringing us together and creating distance. This year I want to nurture our sense of unity and togetherness in all aspects of university life.

Addressing systemic inequalities and attitudes which divide us is so important for our team this year. I will be vocal in standing up for all of us affected by sexual harassment and sexual assault and rigid in our zero tolerance approach for misconduct. I will be persistent to ensure there is an accessible and robust report and support tool for those affected by all types of misconduct or hate; with an emphasis on  providing proper mental health support. 

Our students should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be anti-racist, and therefore aim to have workshops provided with long term goals of working it into our curriculums. The SU will also work with Pride Society, of which I am vice president, to increase education and discussions of LGBTQ+ issues, particularly those in healthcare. 

We will campaign for accessibility and inclusivity on all areas, and maintain this core value in our events planning. 

We are already underway with freshers planning, bringing back traditional events as well as creating exciting new ones - we are sure this will be a year to remember. 

There is so much I want to achieve this year, but with the support of my amazing team, I know our legacy this year can be significant.


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