Shir, Caspian, Matt

Student Trustees

Hi, we're Matt, Shir & Caspian and we're your Student Trustees for 2021/22

Our role involves sitting on the Board of Trustees and helping to make decisions about the SU’s activities and vision for the future. As students, our job is to relay this information between the trustees and the student body, and making sure that your voice is heard. Our key priorities for the academic year include increasing engagement of the student body with the SU, taking care of the St George’s community, increasing support surrounding misconduct, and representing groups who have historically felt unsupported by the SU. We hope to do this by being approachable, responsible and accountable, so if you feel that there is anything at all that we can do to support you, please reach out! We can be contacted at for any and all of your ideas, concerns or expectations.

Visit the Governance pages to find out more about how the SU is managed.