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International Officers

Hi everyone! We are Manasvi Dwaraknath and Simi Sodeinde, your international Officers for the 2018/19 academic year - we are so excited to be helping all international students make St. George's home. It's scary to uproot your life to pursue academic careers, but we intend to make this transition as smooth as possible. We have many academic, social and cultural goals for this year but to sum everything up, we want to improve communication between you, us and the SGSU. We want to continue hosting events that give you the opportunity to broaden both your perspective and your friendship circles, but also want to make sure that you feel heard. To do this, we also plan to work closely with the International Students' Society (ISS) and the International Advisory staff, and are always open to suggestions and recommendations.


To help you feel welcome, we maintain that you can reach out to us and rely on us for anything. Drop us an email ( , stop us around campus, add us on Facebook - whatever feels comfortable, we love making new friends!