St. George's Students' Union

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Equality and Diversity Officers

Hello everybody we are Jan and Ramat and we are your Equality and Diversity officers!

As we have both been active members of the St Georges community, we are keen to further develop our skills whilst serving you, our fellow students, via the student body. Through this role, we hope to be considerate and inclusive of every individual at St George’s regardless of their background, religion, sexual orientation and gender.

Our Aims:

• We hope to increase the approachability of the executive officers by engaging in effective communication with the student body in order to maximise the support available.

• We will work closely with Gen Sec to hold termly steering groups meetings “Does your SU represent you?”

• Maintain effective communication between the SU and the University’s Equality and Diversity department, by meeting with them regularly to discuss equality and diversity issues brought to us by students.

• Support and engage societies of the Students Union that represent minority groups e.g. LGBT society, ACS, SPACE etc. to ensure that all students’ equal rights are maintained.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at